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The Best Digital Marketing Campaigns in the World II

The Best Digital Marketing Campaigns in the World II

Damian Ryan

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Learn important business lessons for your advertising or marketing career from this international collection of successful digital marketing campaigns.

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About the book

In the second volume of The Best Digital Marketing Campaigns in the World, best-selling author Damian Ryan presents an international showcase of the most successful digital marketing campaigns in recent history, analysing what they did right and their impact. This privileged insight into some of the freshest, most creative thinking in the industry covers 40 new campaigns from 40 different agencies/brands around the world, 16 in the UK, 5 in the US/Canada, and the rest from Europe, Australia, the Middle East and North Africa, South Africa and South America.

Full of behind-the-scenes insights into campaign strategy, implementation and results, The Best Digital Marketing Campaigns in the World II explores how businesses and agencies, large and small, have harnessed social media, blogs, video, email, mobile and search to boost their brand and attract customers. Covering a wide range of world-class, award-winning campaigns from brands such as Activia, Red Bull, Heinz, Harley Davidson, O2, Peugeot, Nike, Samsung, and UEFA, and agencies including Tribal DDB, Scholz and Volkmer, Red Bee, Bell Pottinger Wired, We Are Social and Symbio Digital, this is an inspirational must-read for everyone working in marketing and advertising.

Table Of Contents

    • Chapter - 24: Case study 24 O2 Rugby
    • Chapter - 25: Case study 25 Samsung Facebook Activation
    • Chapter - 26: Case study 26 Lufthansa Boeing 747-8
    • Chapter - 27: Case study 27 Fortnum & Mason
    • Chapter - 28: Case study 28 Louisville Slugger
    • Chapter - 23: Case study 23 The Tweet Shop
    • Chapter - 22: Case study 22 Green for Go!
    • Chapter - 21: Case study 21 Ikea: Moving the Store
    • Chapter - 20: Case study 20 Britain’s Best Office Dog
    • Chapter - 19: Case study 19 KWV 3 Brandy
    • Chapter - 18: Case study 18 Koozai
    • Chapter - 17: Case study 17 Bodyform
    • Chapter - 16: Case study 16 Avaya
    • Chapter - 15: Case study 15 Barclaycard ‘Toys Unleashed’
    • Chapter - 14: Case study 14 Chickasaw Country
    • Chapter - 13: Case study 13 Red Bull Stratos
    • Chapter - 12: Case study 12 Nike 10k Run
    • Chapter - 11: Case study 11 Deutsche Telekom
    • Chapter - 10: Case study 10 Activia
    • Chapter - 09: Case study 9 Heathrow Boutique
    • Chapter - 08: Case study 8 McDonald’s. Our Food. Your Questions
    • Chapter - 07: Case study 7 Harley-Davidson’s Open Road Festival
    • Chapter - 06: Case study 6 Heinz Beanz for Grown Upz
    • Chapter - 05: Case study 5 JetBlue Getaways
    • Chapter - 04: Case study 4 Faktum Hotels
    • Chapter - 03: Case study 3 Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race
    • Chapter - 02: Case study 2 How Social Saved Water
    • Chapter - 01: Case study 1 Volkswagen BlueMotion Roulette
  • Section - ONE: Digital marketing is dead – no it’s alive – no it’s all integrated now... eh?
    • Chapter - 29: Case study 29 Screwfix
    • Chapter - 30: Case study 30 Polowers
    • Chapter - 31: Case study 31 Peugeot: Let Your Body Drive
    • Chapter - 32: Case study 32 Hobart: Get Back to Scratch
    • Chapter - 33: Case study 33 Freshersfields.com
    • Chapter - 34: Case study 34 Naturevalleytrailview.com
    • Chapter - 35: Case study 35 ‘The Walking Dead’ Kill Count
    • Chapter - 36: Case study 36 8a Store
    • Chapter - 37: Case study 37 UEFA Europa League
    • Chapter - 38: Case study 38 Digicel
    • Chapter - 39: Case study 39 Axe Wingman
    • Chapter - 40: Case study 40 BBC Africa
  • Section - TWO: What’s next?


The economic and social turbulence created by internet opportunities have brought an entirely new level of confusion, even for those like investors, marketers, publishers and service providers for whom understanding is mission critical. Damian Ryan clarifies without over-simplification and cuts through the jargon to show what can be done with digital tools in creative hands.
Richard Eyre CBE, Chairman of the Internet Advertising Bureau UK

Far too often we are dependent on press releases and hearing synopses at industry events to learn about some of the best digital marketing campaigns and activities. Not only does Damian make it easier to discover much more about brands and their campaigns, but also to get depth on the campaign such as objectives, what lessons we can learn and crucially an impartial expert's opinion. an amazing compendium of work which will help us all in understanding how brands are learning, adapting and evolving their digital advertising.
Noel Penzer, Managing Director, AOL

Praise for the previous edition:

Offers a fine collection from international successful digital marketing campaigns, and is a pick for any business collection. No business library should be without this!

Midwest Book Review

Brings together an international collection of successful digital marketing campaigns...exploring how businesses have harnessed social media, blogs, forums, online video, and email to boost their brand. It is an interesting addition to an industry that is still very new.
New York Journal of Books

This breezy, well-organized, easy-to-read volume is the best summary of the development and application of social media to the marketing arena. Highly recommended.

Book Details

  • EAN: 9780749469689
  • Edition: 1
  • Published: 3rd March 2014
  • Paperback
  • Format: 235x157
  • 272 pages

About the Author

Damian Ryan is founder and chairman of The Global Academy of Digital Marketing, a collaborative movement comprised of digital marketers seeking knowledge, case studies, contacts and credible data to help them prosper. He is also a partner with Mediaventura, the UK's leading corporate finance firm for the TIME (Technology, Internet, Media and Entertainment) sector. He is the author of Understanding Digital Marketing and The Best Digital Marketing Campaigns in the World and is the editor of Understanding Social Media.

Damian Ryan