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The Culture Advantage

Empowering your People to Drive Innovation

Harness the innovative powers of your company's people by creating an unstoppable culture of innovation that will unlock growth and business opportunities.
EAN: 9781398606760
Edition: 1
Format: 234x156
208 pages

About the book

Innovation is the key to making your business go the distance. Innovate or die they say. But where does innovation lie? The answer is in your people.

Far from being the privilege of the unicorns of Silicon Valley, innovation isn't dependent on business model, structure or even budget. By harnessing your people's power through a corporate culture of innovation, you unlock business opportunities that your competition won't have access to. The Culture Advantage is a blueprint to designing, implementing and sustaining a culture that will not only celebrate innovation, but will imbue it in everything your company, and its people, do.

Culture evangelist, Daniel Strode, with the help of some of the world's most inspiring and innovative businesses like Mastercard, Hangar 51, Yonghui Superstores and Netflix, breaks down the innovation puzzle in eight simple steps. Through evaluating your business model; daring to chip away at it; empowering your people through technologies; psychological safety and leadership; putting constraints onto their creative efforts; and hiring and collaborating with the right types of innovators, you'll discover how to enhance your adaptability and futureproof your business. Learn how to create an innovative culture that will sustain your business through it all.

About the authors

Daniel Strode is a culture evangelist and Global Director of Culture and Strategy at Grupo Santander, based in Madrid, Spain. The custodian of a common culture, the Santander Way, which is disseminated across 32 countries and to more than 200,000 colleagues, he strengthens the group's innovation focus and cements its collaboration with new financial tech companies. An Adjunct Professor at the IE School of Human Science and Technology, he is an in-demand speaker on corporate culture and industry commentator.