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The Enterprise Big Data Framework

Building Critical Capabilities to Win in the Data Economy

Transform enterprise big data into valuable assets with this comprehensive guide to data analysis, data engineering, algorithm design and data architecture.
EAN: 9781398601710
Edition: 1
Format: 240x170
568 pages

About the book

Businesses who can make sense of the huge influx and complexity of data will be the big winners in the information economy. Learning how to fully leverage, analyze and integrate big data can help companies reduce costs, increase operating margins and add income.

This comprehensive guide covers all the aspects of transforming enterprise data into value, from the initial set-up of a big data strategy, towards algorithms, architecture and data governance processes. Using a vendor-independent approach, The Enterprise Big Data Framework offers practical advice on how to develop data-driven decision making, detailed data analysis and data engineering techniques.

With a focus on business implementation, The Enterprise Big Data Framework includes sections on analysis, engineering, algorithm design and big data architecture, and covers topics such as data preparation and presentation, data modelling, data science, programming languages and machine learning algorithms. Endorsed by leading accreditation and examination institute AMPG International, this book is required reading for the Enterprise Big Data Certifications, which aim to develop excellence in big data practices across the globe.

About the authors

Jan-Willem Middelburg is the CEO and co-founder of Cybiant, based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. With Cybiant he helps to create a more sustainable world through analytics, big data and automation, developing algorithms and employing data scientists to unearth patterns and information. He is also President and Chief Examiner of the Enterprise Big Data Framework, an independent organization dedicated to upskilling individuals with expertise in Big Data. In partnership with APMG-International, the Enterprise Big Data Framework offers vendor-neutral certifications for individuals.