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The Future Home

New Trends, New Strategies and New Business Models in the Age of Connected Living

Understand how the house and home is changing in the digital hyper-personalized, IoT age, driven by 5G networks, edge computing and AI and learn what products and services are needed to meet the needs of customers.
EAN: 9781789665529
Edition: 1
Format: 210x145
288 pages

About the book

The Future Home looks at the way in which every corner of our lives will be disrupted by a synchronization of three major new technologies: 5G, edge computing and AI, which will have the most impact in our homes. This book describes how human needs and emerging technologies are reshaping consumer experiences, which in turn demand a new way of thinking about how people live, as well as the commercial opportunities this will bring. The authors assess the ways in which organizations need to deal with the changes brought by merging technologies, and illustrates ways in which they need to transform themselves with agile innovation processes, new strategies and business models, to meet the needs of their customers.

The Future Home brings together some of the most original research from the Accenture Innovation and Tech Labs and the Dublin Centre for Innovation, to provide practical advice and examples of how services need constantly to be improved, managed and orchestrated. Complemented by case studies from organizations including Comcast, Verizion, T-Mobile, Ikea, United Healthcare, the NHS, Eli Lilly and Walmart, it provides a business model for any organization who operates in the CMT (communications, media, technology) space, for hyper-scaled digital companies, healthcare providers and consumer and utility businesses.

About the authors

Jefferson Wang

Jefferson Wang is a Managing Director at Accenture in the Communications Media and Technology (CMT) strategy practice. He is also Accenture's Global 5G Offering Co-lead responsible for defining Accenture's 5G strategy.

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George Nazi

George Nazi is a Senior Managing Director at Accenture leading their global Communication & Media Industry within the Communication Media and Technology (CMT) group, reporting to the Accenture Group CEO of CMT.

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Boris Maurer

Boris Maurer is a Managing Director at Accenture and the global lead for Digital Transformation for the CMT industries and leads the CMT strategy practice in Europe.

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