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The Innovation Handbook

How to Profit from Your Ideas, Intellectual Property and Market Knowledge

The Innovation Handbook is a practical guide to the effective management and commercial exploitation of ideas and knowledge, allowing companies to move ahead of their competitors, offer real value to customers and boost their profitability.
EAN: 9780749465339
Edition: 3
Format: 247x177
360 pages

About the book

In fast-moving markets, no organization can expect to identify and keep the best ideas by working in isolation; innovation is now running on an open model, with input from a variety of disciplines and sources, including specialists, employees, suppliers and, in particular, customers and clients.
But how can you stimulate new innovation? And how can you protect your best ideas once they are in a competitive and aggressive marketplace? Endorsed by the UK's Intellectual Property Office and the Technology Strategy Board, The Innovation Handbook offers advice and commentary from leading players in the technology, branding, design, intellectual property and innovation fields.

About the authors

Adam Jolly

Adam Jolly is a business writer and editor specialising in the management of growth, innovation, technology and business risk. He has produced titles for many leading business organisations and his work appears regularly in the national press. He is consultant editor on a number of Kogan Page titles including The Handbook of European Intellectual Property Management; Clean Tech Clean Profits and The Innovation Handbook.

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