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The Leadership Lab

The Leadership Lab

Understanding Leadership in the 21st Century

Chris Lewis, Pippa Malmgren

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Gain exclusive insight into what leading business executives think are the main geopolitical and economic megatrends affecting business and how they are responding to them.

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About the book

How can today's business leaders keep up with seismic geopolitical and economic shifts that include Brexit, inflation and the unseating of traditional political powers, and what do these mean for their own leadership narratives? In The Leadership Lab, bestselling author Chris Lewis and superstar megatrends analyst Dr Pippa Malmgren help you lead your team through this change successfully. Covering everything from how to build a new type of leadership trust when other spheres of public power have been overturned, to robots overtaking companies and worldwide indebtedness affecting business, this book explains not only why the old rules no longer apply, but also how to blaze a trail in this new world order and be the best leader you can be.

The Leadership Lab includes exclusive interviews with top executives grappling with the new world order and discusses what key global trends keep them awake at night and how they respond to them. It is a must-read for aspiring leaders and C-level executives seeking to develop a real intuition when it comes to dealing with the global currents disrupting business and how to build an empathetic, credible, stable and strong leadership path.

Table Of Contents

    • Chapter - 00: Introduction;
    • Chapter - 01: Understanding the Effects of Overload: Information and Inundation;
    • Chapter - 02: Understanding a New Type of Economics: Internationalism and Insularity;
    • Chapter - 03: Understanding a New Type of Behaviour: Immediacy and Impatience;
    • Chapter - 04: Understanding a New Philosophy: Intelligence and Insurgency;
    • Chapter - 05: Understanding Geopolitics and the New Infrastructure: ­Infrastructure and Isolation;
    • Chapter - 06: Understanding the Data Sphere: Innovation and Intimidation;
    • Chapter - 07: Understanding Gender: Inclusivity and Inequality;
    • Chapter - 08: Understanding a New World: Inspiration and Inversion;
    • Chapter - 09: The Global Leaders’ Narrative;


The Leadership Lab rightly shines a white hot spotlight on the need for 21st century leaders to be thinking about gender and provides a valuable snapshot on how to get started.
Julia Gillard, 27th Prime Minister of Australia, Chair of the Global Institute for Women’s Leadership, King’s College London

Wise words on leadership to steer you through perilous waters.
Sir Anthony Seldon MA, PhD, FRSA, MBA, FRHisS, Vice-Chancellor of The University of Buckingham

Interesting, insightful, innovative. A must read if you choose to lead.
Lord Holmes of Richmond, Paralympian

The forward thinking in The Leadership Lab forces us to revisit how we frame our judgements and how we put teams together. This new thinking is so important when the pace of change is so high. Adopting empathetic leadership and diverse thinking will create the critical competitive advantage.
Jacqueline de Rojas CBE, President techUK, Chair Digital Leaders, Non-Executive Director & Advisor

The Leadership Lab comes at an important moment when we're moving from traditional management approaches to an enabling leadership philosophy. The authors identify the new expectations required of leaders to do the right things and not just to do things right. This message is critical at a time when uncertainty is the new norm.
Charlotte Lindsey Curtet, Director of Digital Transformation at The International Committee of the Red Cross

The book that proves the reign of the 'hero CEO' is over. Chris Lewis and Pippa Malmgren make a compelling case for the philosophy that many of us have already bought into - successful modern leadership is about how you interact with the people around you and the information at your fingertips.
Melanie Richards, Vice Chair KPMG

Society is changing at an exponential rate. To thrive, our thinking also has to change at an exponential rate. The Leadership Lab, provides a much needed road map for that change.
Hap Klopp, Founder of The North Face, Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Hult University

In this robustly researched and powerfully articulated book, Lewis and Malmgren explore the contemporary geopolitical and economic challenges facing today's leaders. They cut through the prevailing confusion to provide an invaluable world view and perspectives on new social, cultural, technological, behavioural, political and economic realities.
Amir Hussain, CoE (Chief of Everything), Yeme Architects

In a world that seems to be changing faster than ever before, one constant remains - the need for inspirational and effective leaders. With disruptive forces showing no sign of slowing, this is a vital contribution at a timely moment.
Andy Silvester, The Sun

This is a unique book, summarizing today's realities and the trends that will dictate the future. It is the voice of today's leaders, obtained by the authors visiting numerous cities around the globe, holding open-ended sessions with key individuals from a variety of walks of life. I highly recommend it.
Robert J. Herbold, Former Chief Operating Officer, Microsoft Corporation

The insights, observations and recommendations in The Leadership Lab are incredibly relevant to the myriad of challenges facing leaders today. This must-read book turns the traditional model of leadership on its head and proposes a more inclusive one that takes into account the increasingly fast-paced and inter-connected world in which we operate.
Brenda Trenowden CBE, Global Chair of 30% Club and Head of Financial Institutions Europe at ANZ Bank

This book should be gifted to politicians the day after they are elected and used as a career bible for all those who aspire to lead. Now, more than ever, they need to be armed with skills which embrace a new way of thinking focused on how we lead in a era where there is an extensive lack of faith in what has gone before.
Katie Perrior, Former Director of Communications at No.10 Downing St., Times writer, broadcaster and Chair of iNHouse Communications

Leaders are struggling to adapt to change and it's clear that the education system is also struggling with the demands of the new world. Experienced leaders are realising that what worked in the past is no longer viable in the multigenerational, agile and non-hierarchical organisations of tomorrow. This book provides essential guidance on how best to operate in the disruptive Now Economy.
Mark Borkowski, founder Borkowski PR

How do you lead in a world of constant confusing change? Not in the same way you did 20 years ago. That's a lesson too many leaders have failed to learn - and why The Leadership Lab has to be a must read for all of them.
Merryn Somerset Webb, Editor-in-chief, Moneyweek

Book Details

  • EAN: 9780749483432
  • Edition: 1
  • Published: 3rd October 2018
  • Paperback
  • Format: 217x140
  • 296 pages
  • Series: Kogan Page Inspire

About the Author

Chris Lewis is the founder and CEO of LEWIS, one of the largest independent marketing and communications agencies in the world. He is a media trainer who has coached senior politicians, businesspeople and celebrities. He is a published author and journalist featured in The Financial Times, Daily Telegraph and The Guardian.

Dr Pippa Malmgren is a trend spotter who advises investors and governments about economic policy. She anticipated the Financial Crisis in 2007, the Chinese slowdown, Brexit and Trump's presidency. She has featured on the BBC, Bloomberg, The Financial Times and The Economist.

Chris Lewis

Pippa Malmgren

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