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The Next Rules of Work

The Mindset, Skillset and Toolset to Lead Your Organization through Uncertainty

Lead through constant change by infusing your organization with the mindset, skillset and toolset needed to solve tomorrow's problems.
EAN: 9781398601635
Edition: 1
Format: 235 x 165
280 pages

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About the book

Organizations, managers and workers still have an Industrial Era mindset towards work. How can leaders guide individuals and organizations to solve the increasingly complex work challenges of tomorrow?

As traditional jobs give way to new work roles and software and robots perform the repetitive tasks formerly done by humans, the work of today is no longer guaranteed to be here tomorrow. The Next Rules of Work helps leaders understand why traditional notions about work inhibit the organization's ability to address new problems and how they can successfully equip their organizations to manage constant change. By first developing a new mindset to help themselves and their teams become more agile, leaders can then co-create the organization's "next mindset" by answering five key questions that help them establish constantly adaptive strategies. Finally, leaders develop agile learning practices to ensure that workers will continually have the skillsets and toolsets they need to solve organizational problems today.

By redefining the fundamental nature of work, teams and the organization, The Next Rules of Work goes beyond offering advice and predictions and provides organizational leaders with a guide to create truly agile organizations that can respond to perpetual change.

About the authors

Gary A. Bolles is based in San Francisco, California and is the Chair for the Future of Work with Singularity University and a partner in strategy consulting firm Charette, LLC. A globally recognized expert on the future of work, he consults with C-suite leaders of global companies, labor and education leaders from Brazil to Canada, and global non-profits. He is the co-founder of eParachute.com, inspired by his father's bestselling book What Color Is Your Parachute?, and visiting lecturer to a variety of school systems, including Isha Vidhya in India, and a regular guest lecturer for Gartner.
  • The Next Rules of Work is a must-read for anyone seeking to understand how the world is not just rapidly changing but being dramatically reshaped. Gary provides a playbook for leadership that prioritizes organizational purpose and deep human values as the means for what inspires people to do their best work and institutions to operate with the needs of society at the center which, in and of itself, ensures institutions are built for the long term and serve the needs of all stakeholders.
  • Dov Seidman, Founder and Chairman of LRN and The HOW Institute for Society, and author of HOW

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