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The Procurement Value Proposition

The Procurement Value Proposition

The Rise of Supply Management

Gerard Chick, Robert Handfield

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Considers the implications of global economic transformation for procurement, and discusses the value proposition offered by contemporary procurement to business.

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About the book

Businesses are going through rapid external and internal organisational changes due to an increased focus on sustainability and corporate responsibility, technological advances, geo-political and macro-economic change, and demographic shifts. If purchasing and supply chain managers are to embrace these challenges they must develop new ways of thinking about supply structures and processes as well as new skills and competencies.

The Procurement Value Proposition examines these important changes that will have a profound effect on the way future procurement is carried out. It considers the implications of global economic transformation for procurement set against: changes in business contexts, purchasing strategies, organisational structure, roles and responsibilities, system development and skills required to work in the profession. In this book, Gerard Chick and Robert Handfield discuss the value proposition offered by contemporary procurement to the sustainability and development of business. They examine how organizations that position procurement as a core business function will be able to drive a more competitive lever for change, and more readily adapt to the forces driving rapid change in the current global environment.

The Procurement Value Proposition features case studies of companies that are moving through procurement transformation in a continual phase of movement and adaption to the multitude of shifts that are occurring. It features input, observations and case studies from CPO's, Commercial Directors, other Procurement and business leaders. The book considers a variety of geographical contexts and highlights differences between the US, the UK and China.

Gerard Chick and Robert Handfield won the Grand Prix ACA-Bruel for their book, The Procurement Value Proposition. Awarded for important contributions to the research and practice in procurement and supply chain management, the book was recognised for its ambitious vision of procurement.

Table Of Contents

    • Chapter - 00: Introduction;
  • Section - ONE: Foundations and establishment of contemporary procurement;
    • Chapter - 01: What is contemporary procurement?;
    • Chapter - 02: Procurement maturity: understanding performance versus value;
    • Chapter - 03: From global trends to corporate strategy;
    • Chapter - 04: Five game changers: their impact on procurement and supply management;
    • Chapter - 05: Taking a practical approach to improvement: introducing the ACE model;
    • Chapter - 06: It’s all about people: talent acquisition and retention;
    • Chapter - 07: Cometh the hour cometh the man: realizing procurement’s potential by building winning teams;
    • Chapter - 08: The dawn of procurement’s new value proposition: innovation, collaboration and focus;
    • Chapter - 09: The future: from strategic procurement to value procurement;
    • Chapter - 10: Reflections and conclusions;
  • Section - TWO: Innovation debates: creating your own value from procurement;
    • Chapter - 11: Introduction to innovation debates


This book provides the background, context, and strategy needed by procurement organizations and individuals at any point in their evolution. Add to this numerous visual aids, case studies, and facilitation tools, and you have a book that clearly illustrates how to actively expand and demonstrate procurement's value.
Kelly Barner, Buyers Meeting Point

The world of Procurement and Supply Chain is bereft of people with the ability to truly challenge the status quo and force us to take a new perspective on what we see as the 'givens' in the supply side world. Gerard is one of the few and I have always valued his counsel and am pleased he has now committed some of this knowledge to paper. What's incredibly insightful about this work is how it is already becoming clear in London where the challenges of population growth, demographic changes, global risks and the explosion in the use of mobile are already present in our everyday lives as well as through our suppliers. My final reflection is the need to shift from cost to value and from bureaucrats to entrepreneurs, the supply side world is full of opportunity and unless we have the talent to see these we will not break free from the dogma of 'cost down' is king.
Andrew Quincey Director of Commercial Transport for London

The book's authors also make their own contribution to tackle the challenges of the future, the ACE model. ACE stands for aspiration, capability and execution, and the book highlights the danger when these three elements are not aligned in an organisation. The authors have also included a list of issues raised, such as talent development, risk management and sustainable procurement, with detailed advice on how to structure your own debates on these topics.
Supply Management

The publication is comprehensive, considered, and a catalyst for performance improvement towards excellence. It is leadership, economics, and it is 21st Century business. The academic rigour and consultancy language is well punctuated with case studies and examples. There are few, if any throw away remarks, as the text is anchored by reference to leading thinking and proven management techniques. Accessibility is only available to those who wish to think, to learn and to be open to something fresh and challenging - it is not business as usual.
Antony Faughnan MBA, FCIPS, Head of Performance Excellence and Operations at ARCADIS

As the pressures on modern enterprise continue to increase, supply chain and procurement executives must deliver faster turnarounds, higher profits, and decreased costs, as dictated by senior management. This book helps practitioners and business leaders advance their strategic understanding of how procurement can deliver business value by covering trends including sustainability, technological advances, geopolitical and macroeconomic changes, developments in procurement strategies, and changing business platforms and cultures.
Inbound Logistics

This book takes a truly strategic perspective to the topic, looking at how procurement fits into the wider business world, and how broad changes and developments such as corporate social responsibility and globalisation are affecting procurement. Anyone interested in where procurement currently is, and where it is going, will find much that is stimulating and thought-provoking here, and it is another welcome addition to the procurement library.
Peter Smith, Spend Matters

The book features insights from cutting-edge organisations with a fresh outlook on procurement and closely maps the resoundingly successful and sometimes surprising outcomes. Comprehensive case studies offer 'food for thought', and variations in geographical contexts between the UK, US & China are expertly explored. Chick and Handfield employ a practical approach: they reveal how to find the right specialist people to go forward and how to build winning teams against the changing business backdrop. The Procurement Value Proposition is essential reading for C-level executives and transformation managers who want to innovate, drive change, and ignite a transformation through supply chain in their own organisation.
Christina Langley, Managing Director of Langley Search & Interim

Chick and Handfield show that the value procurement can bring to an organization can and should go beyond the traditional (yet still important) concerns of supply assurance and cost reduction...It presents a vision of what the discipline might encompass in the future and issues a powerful call for procurement organizations to make profound changes that will support new roles and responsibilities...The book is well written and organized; in addition to its thought-provoking insights, it includes a number of case studies and is peppered with anecdotes that break up the more academic discussions.
Supply Chain Quarterly

Book Details

  • EAN: 9780749471194
  • Edition: 1
  • Published: 3rd December 2014
  • Paperback
  • Format: 234x156
  • 312 pages

About the Author

Gerard Chick is Chief Knowledge Officer at Optimum Procurement Group. He has considerable experience working with some of the keenest minds at the most senior level in supply management today. He is regularly invited to make keynote presentations and deliver workshops on strategic procurement issues to senior executive teams across the world. Gerard was until recently a visiting Senior Research Fellow at Curtin University in Australia, a visiting Fellow at Cranfield School of Management, and a member of the Logistics and Operations Management Board of Cardiff Business School.

Robert Handfield is the Bank of America University Distinguished Professor of Supply Chain Management at the North Carolina State University Poole College of Management, and director of the Supply Chain Resource Cooperative. He is Consulting Editor of the Journal of Operations Management, and has written several books on supply chain management. He was recently recognized as a "Pro to Know" in Supply and Demand Chain Executive. He is a leading speaker at executive forums, has consulted with over twenty five Fortune 500 companies and he has published more than one hundred articles in top management journals.

Gerard Chick

Robert Handfield

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