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Toyota Methods and Operating Models

Achieve Business Success with the Toyota Way

Examines the innovative and original applications of the values of the Toyota Way and the systems of management of the Toyota Production System and lean leadership.
EAN: 9781789663044
Edition: 1
Format: 234x156
248 pages

About the book

Toyota Methods and Operating Models presents a case study of a small, traditional Italian manufacturer in the Toyota Industries Corporation Group, which began an important process of transformation until it became a successful, modern and advanced international business: Toyota Material Handling. Toyota management made internal changes and developed the commercial networks, successfully applying the Toyota Production System (TPS, or Lean Production) as well as the values of the Toyota Way.

Author Stefano Cortiglioni led the transformation project, which took four years. Toyota Methods and Operating Models presents the continuing success story. The authors analyze the Toyota methods and operating models that can be directly applied to your business in order to reach excellence in operations and industry 4.0. It provides tangible advice on how to grow a business and achieve commercial success, with superior processes and logistics networks, as well as the development of an advanced and highly successful supply chain.

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