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Using Semiotics in Marketing

How to Achieve Consumer Insight for Brand Growth and Profits

Create better ads, marketing communication, branding, websites, packaging and social media content, by understanding what semiotics is and how it can be used to drive growth and profits.
EAN: 9781789662078
Edition: 1
Format: 230x155
280 pages

About the book

In what can seem a complex, abstract field, this book is an invaluably clear, practical resource on how to seize the tremendous opportunity that semiotics offers to better understand your consumers.

Semiotics is big business. It is most famous for its unique ability to decode visual images and is the only market research method which provides a systematic, reliable and culturally sensitive method for interpreting what visual images mean. Semiotics sheds new light on consumers and the world they live in, stimulates creativity and innovation, guides brand strategy, and finds solutions to a plethora of marketing problems. Using Semiotics in Marketing will help marketers looking to launch new brands, reposition existing brands, or rejuvenate established ones.

Written by one of the original founders of commercial semiotics, Using Semiotics in Marketing outlines precisely what semiotics is and why it matters, before moving on to demonstrate how to run a successful commercial semiotics project. Packed with fascinating case studies proving how visual imagery is interpreted differently across cultural, racial and social demographics, it provides essential insights into understanding consumers. This results in better ads, websites, packaging and social media content - ultimately driving brand growth and profits.

About the authors

Dr Rachel Lawes is recognized as one of the original founders of commercial semiotics. She has convened the Market Research Society (MRS) Advanced Qualitative Methods Masterclass for over ten years, and was previously a Principal Lecturer in Marketing at Regent's University London. She has supplied brand strategy and consumer insight to major brands globally, including Unilever, P&G, Kraft, Tesco and The Discovery Channel.

An insightful and intuitive toolkit for a cultural edge in marketing.

Holly Clancey, Brand Planning Director, Nike