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Words That Work

Communicate Your Purpose, Your Profits and Your Performance

Based on scenarios and conversations from CEOs, business leaders and senior executives from world leading companies, Words That Work give leaders the playbook for successful communications.
EAN: 9781398603301
Edition: 1
Format: 233x155
216 pages

About the book

Challenge the 'business as usual' rhetoric and create a stronger narrative in today's purpose-driven society with Words That Work.

When a Broadway or West End show opens on its first night, everyone knows their lines. When it's time for the Super Bowl, the Olympics or World Cup, the athletes have prepared with precision. Yet in board rooms, company away days and conferences around the world, repeatedly leaders are starting off badly when millions in revenue are at stake. The most successful executives know that they need to invest their time in preparing in a thoughtful and intentional way to continuously improve their knowledge and communication skills so that they can effectively lead their organizations.

Words That Work will help leaders benefit from the strategies, language and tools of CEOs who know how to speak the right language at the right time. But Words That Work does more than that. It calls on leaders to challenge the 'usual' business conversations. Val Wright turns a number of familiar communication approaches on their head, and shows the reader how to question, contest and change traditional language skilfully and persuasively.

About the authors

Val Wright is a US based innovation and leadership consultant working with clients including Starbucks, LinkedIn, Microsoft, the Financial Times and the LA Lakers. She is based in California, USA. She is a regular contributor to CNBC Inc, Fox Business News, Business Insider, Fast Company, MSN, Reuters, the LA Times.

As the CEO of my own STREAM foundation and creator of STEM-based cooking classes and workshops, the advice in this book is super valuable. It is full of new ways of how to put your customers at the heart of your company, manage your external media relationships, and lead with purpose, heart, and passion. As a 16-year-old business owner, Words That Work gives me the playbook for continuing to grow my business to new heights! Your work, advice, and tools are priceless information for any business entrepreneur.

Simone Bridges, CEO, Goddess Food Factory, Founder, Simone Bridges Inspires Inc.