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Responsible Business Decision Making

Strategic Impact Through Data and Dialogue

Make impactful, responsible business decisions to improve financial performance, benefit society and protect the environment with this practical guide.
EAN: 9781398612280
Edition: 2
Format: 234 x 156
376 pages

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About the book

In the past, profit was the driving force for most business investment decisions. However, now organizations need to additionally deliver on impact goals.

Responsible Business Decision Making
provides a practical guide for how organizational leaders can make smart responsible business decisions. It offers a framework that eliminates internal bias, aligns ethical values with business goals and draws on diverse case studies. The book will answer questions such as: how can dialogue and data optimize decision-making? How can ESG goals be translated into concrete manageable actions? Which decisions best suit the strategic objectives of the organization?

This new edition has been updated to offer an increased focus on dialogue and data-driven decision making and new coverage on ESG, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), digital transformation and the Raworth's Doughnut Economy framework. Readers will benefit from many new international cases covering topics such as ESG investment, SDG impact measurement and sustainability transformation.

About the authors

Annemieke Roobeek is Professor of Strategy and Transformation Management at Nyenrode Business University and CEO of MeetingMoreMinds and GrwNxt. She is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Jacques de Swart is a Partner within PwC and a Professor of Applied Mathematics at Nyenrode Business University. He is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Myrthe van der Plas is responsible for the Data Analytics Group within PwC Consulting and is founder of Lakisama Foundation. She is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

  • Companies need practical instruments to keep their emissions at levels that fit with a 1.5-degree global warming scenario. Responsible Business Decision Making gives tools to the business community to make decisions respecting the climate, and a safe and inclusive working culture while maintaining profits.
  • As Tempelman, CEO, Eneco

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