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Career Fear (and how to beat it)

Get the Perspective, Mindset and Skills You Need to Futureproof your Work Life

Futureproof your skills and take control of your career path with this smart and practical guide to surviving and thriving in an era of disruption.
EAN: 9781789664621
Edition: 1
Format: 217 x 139
208 pages

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About the book

What's going on with the world of work? Will my job exist in five years' time? What's 'disruption' all about, and what does it mean for me?

Jobs don't look like they used to. In this age of innovation, staying in control of your work life can feel overwhelmingly challenging. So what does it take to have - and be in control of - a successful and fulfilling career? Career Fear (and how to beat it) will help you answer this question for yourself.

In this practical and reassuring book, you'll explore the perspective, mindset and uniquely human skills you need for a resilient and thriving career - without the fear. From understanding how the world of work is changing, to self-reflection and developing your critical thinking; author Somi Arian guides you through everything you need to be ready for an exciting and varied journey through life and work. Packed with clear, useful examples and inspiring case studies, Career Fear (and how to beat it) helps you beat that career fear and prepare to succeed - no matter where your career takes you.

About the authors

Somi Arian is a tech philosopher, international speaker, entrepreneur, award-winning filmmaker and LinkedIn Top Voice among UK influencers. Her work focuses on the impact of technology on society at large, the future of work and digital marketing.

She has given talks to industry leaders from organizations as diverse as the BBC, The Economist, Marie Claire, The Guardian, Amazon, HSBC, Virgin Atlantic and American Express. Her 2018 documentary The Millennial Disruption has been nominated for a dozen international film festival awards, winning the Worldfest Houston Silver Remi - Best Documentary Short Film (2019) and Idyllwild International Festival - Best Directory Documentary (2019).

  • Committing to lifelong learning and nurturing soft skills that are innately human are crucial for success in the post-digital era. Somi Arian inspires you to start your learning journey today and beautifully articulates the personal satisfaction and opportunity that can be unlocked by developing a growth mindset.
  • Namrata Murlidhar, Marketing Director, LinkedIn Learning

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