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Confident Data Science

Discover the Essential Skills of Data Science

Discover the fundamentals of data science and develop the skills you need for achieving success in this important sector.
EAN: 9781398612327
Edition: 1
Format: 216 x 138
408 pages

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About the book

The global data market is estimated to be worth $64 billion dollars, making it a more valuable resource than oil. But data is useless without the analysis, interpretation and innovations of data scientists.

With Confident Data Science, learn the essential skills and build your confidence in this sector through key insights and practical tools for success. In this book, you will discover all of the skills you need to understand this discipline, from primers on the key analytic and visualization tools to tips for pitching to and working with clients.

Adam Ross Nelson draws upon his expertise as a data science consultant and, as someone who made moved into the industry late in his career, to provide an overview of data science, including its key concepts, its history and the knowledge required to become a successful data scientist. Whether you are considering a career in this industry or simply looking to expand your knowledge, Confident Data Science is the essential guide to the world of data science.

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About the authors

Adam Ross Nelson is a data science consultant and career coach based in Washington D.C. As a consultant, he provides insights on data science, machine learning and data governance. He previously worked as a data scientist at The Common Application.

Having transitioned into the data science field from his career as an attorney, he offers workshops, talks and online courses for those looking to develop their data science skills, pivot their career or improve their career trajectory.

  • Value-packed on every page. Everything you need to break into data science is covered. Nelson also offers various technical examples through code to ensure every concept is thoroughly understood. I Highly recommend this book to both data science beginners and seasoned practitioners.
  • Derrick Mwiti, Machine Learning Developer

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