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Carsten Linz shares 3 tips for CEOs who want to successfully transform their business model

12th October 2017 | Alexander Zimmermann, Carsten Linz, Günter Müller-Stewens

In this video Carsten Linz, co-author of Radical Business Model Transformation, discusses his top three guiding principles for CEOs who want to successfully transform their business model. He asks you to consider:

1) Is there an opportunity for you to move away from industry trends and try something different and innovative?

2) Do you need to change the dimensions of your business model? Some of the most successful business models have a 2 step approach to transformation, but this can be difficult without an entrepreneurial and forward thinking leader.

3) What is the speed of your desired transformation? They take time and need a step by step approach - but how much change can your stakeholders take at once?

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Business & Management, Accounting & Finance, Risk

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