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Engage Your Top Talent with Accelerated Leadership Development

In this video, Ines Wichert, author of Accelerated Leadership Development, outlines why and how businesses should use accelerated leadership development.

The seven-step model of accelerated leadership development provides an outline for how to assess leadership potential and execute a successful development programme. The steps begin by identifying and assessing leadership potential.

It is also necessary to provide a breadth of job experiences on which to base the development. The best employees will develop an appetite for risk-taking which must also be reflected in their organization for the accelerated career progression to be successful.

The next step is that employees develop through on-the-job learning, comprised of learning through doing, social learning and other aspects of informal development.

The organization must then provide consolidation phases to embed this learning. As part of the process, employees must express a willingness to reflect and put energy into extracting learning from past experiences.

Finally, to ensure the development process is successful, employees should work in a supportive environment where they can seek various sources of support while on their accelerated career path.