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David Barnett on How to Protect Against Online Counterfeiting

31st May 2017 | David N. Barnett

In this video, David Barnett outlines the scale and risk of online counterfeiting, and how you can stay protected against it. 

David Barnett is the author of the new book Brand Protection in the Online World. This book explains the full scope of Internet infringement, and associated monitoring and enforcement options that are most relevant to brand owners and managers. Covering crucial topics such as brand abuse, counterfeiting, fraud, digital piracy and more, it provides a clear and in-depth exploration of the importance of, and ideas behind, the brand-protection industry.

David Barnett has spent the last 12 years as Head of Analysis and Consultancy at NetNames, a leading global provider of online brand protection and domain name strategy, assisting global brands to Search-Find-Stop brand abuse online. 


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