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In conversation with Martin Christopher: Business Operations Models

In this video series, Martin Christopher, author of Business Operations Models, Humanitarian Logistics, and Leading Procurement Strategy, discusses his three books.

Here, Professor Christopher talks with Micheal Bourlakis, Head of Logistics at the Procurement and Supply Chain Management Group in the Cranfield School of Management, about how the topics covered in his books are beginning to intersect in the business world, learning from each other, and building on each other's expertise. Before going into greater depth regarding the key themes covered in Business Operations Models, Professor Christopher explores the link between operations strategy, the business model, and customer value.

Business Operations Models will help you achieve super-performance through effective operations management and uses a strategic framework to implement a transformative operating model.

Martin Christopher has been at the forefront of the development of new thinking in logistics and supply chain management for over 30 years. He is Emeritus Professor of Marketing and Logistics at Cranfield University, his published work is widely cited by other scholars, and he has been invited to participate in academic and industry events around the world.

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