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Who Are Flat World Navigators And Why Are They Important?

24th January 2017 | Kim Chandler McDonald

Author Kim Chandler Mcdonald explains the role of a Flat World Navigators and their core capabilities which are essential to the success of any and all organisations. Flat World Navigators (FWN), are referred to by Kim Chandler Mcdonald as bridge builders, the 'connectors and collaborators' who excel at making and maintaining dynamic networks and relationships with consumers, clients, colleagues and partners through the use of both innovative and traditional tools, techniques and technologies. 

Flat World Navigation includes exclusive insights and interviews with international business leaders who successfully use flat world navigation skills, such as the Emmy-winning former NBC and Wall Street Journal reporter Kare Anderson, Sandy Carter at IBM, Gordon Feller at CISCO Systems, Aria Finger at DoSomething.org, Louise Guido at ChangeCorp, Jeffrey A. Finkle at the International Economic Development Council and Carolyn Lawrence, CEO of Women of Influence.

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Business & Management, Accounting & Finance, Risk

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