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Hema Crockett

Named a 2020 40 Under 40 Top Business Leader by the San Diego Business Journal, Hema Crockett is an entrepreneur, business leader and military spouse who built a career as a business and HR executive spanning almost 20 years. During this time, Hema   Crockett  led award-winning HR teams and developed business cultures in industries ranging from biotech to financial services, with her acutely cultivated creative and forward-looking consulting strategies, helping transform both public and private organizations into places where people want to work.

After earning a B.A. in Psychology and Business from the University of Arizona, and an M.B.A. in Global Management, Hema   Crockett  went on to amass a distinct and considerable resume in business and HR management in both the private sector and government, at home and abroad. She is an integral part of the business and HR Community, and is certified as a Senior Professional in Human Resources by the Human Resources Certification Institute.

During her expansive career as an executive, at companies such as LPL Financial, NuVasive, and Renovate America, Hema consistently produced driving results in innovation and profitability by leading HR teams with her holistic approach and transforming the organizational infrastructure. With a focus on employee engagement, talent management and team alignment with business goals and core values, she was instrumental in building professional environments wherein employees of all levels and backgrounds felt a connection to a common mission and purpose.

It was these observations that ultimately laid the foundation for what would become her professional philosophy.

Inspired by her time with the U.S. State Department developing diplomacy culture, as well as her experience as a military spouse, Hema recognized the importance of the orientation of leadership and culture with individuals and organizations, and the balance necessary to produce maximum results. She traveled the world-particularly Kathmandu, Nepal, where she trekked to the famed Mt. Everest Base Camp and discovered what she has described as her "choice to live," when she felt compelled to make a decision on how she wanted to experience the world by focusing on what she wanted and committing to working with an organization aligned with her values. This guiding tenet would become one of her fundamental principles.

Leveraging all of her strengths and experience, Hema   Crockett  returned to the U.S. and co-founded High Performanceology, a management advisory firm that coaches organizations in performance optimization by creating environments where employees can grow and thrive. The challenge of entrepreneurship put into practice what Hema   Crockett  had truly come to believe about life: we spend so much time at work, we better love what we do!

Since its inception, High Performanceology has helped numerous high-profile and multifaceted organizations to implement transformational strategies in leadership and culture to enhance team dynamics and leadership effectiveness, continually producing top-line results and leading to competitive marketplace advantages. With her team, Hema also co-founded Gig Talent, a modern talent agency that provides HR and leadership coaching solutions by tapping into the on-demand talent economy to augment existing internal teams. Gig Talent focuses on connecting HR coaches and consultants with organizations that could benefit from their expertise.

An esteemed and seasoned executive coach, Hema   Crockett   believes that the path to high performance begins with self-awareness. She believes that we all have a choice and in order to change, we need to take a chance. She imbeds this philosophy in all she does and helps her clients gain valuable insight through personal reflection and inquiry. Hema   Crockett  is a highly sought-after speaker on a range of topics in entrepreneurship, leadership, executive and talent management. She has been published in Forbes and Thrive Global, among other publications. She lives in San Diego, USA with her husband.

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