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Designing Exceptional Organizational Cultures

How to Develop Companies where Employees Thrive

Proactively design a company culture which attracts the talent the business needs to succeed and engages, motivates and develops these employees so that they can perform to their full potential.
EAN: 9781789667219
Edition: 1
Format: 234 x 156
248 pages

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About the book

WINNER: Nonfiction Authors Association Book Awards Gold Award 2021

Designing Exceptional Organizational Cultures is a practical guide for HR and OD professionals which explains how to proactively design, build and foster a culture that creates employee and business success.

For a company to outperform the competition and achieve sustainable business growth, it needs a high performing, engaged and committed workforce with the skills the business needs both now and in the future. Attracting, motivating and retaining top talent can't be done simply by attaching individual benefits to specific job roles. To be effective, companies need to build an exceptional company culture where people want to work and that allows them to develop and perform to their full potential.

Designing Exceptional Organizational Cultures provides guidance on all elements of building a top performing culture including how to identify and define core company values and embed them throughout policies, processes and behaviours as well as how to create an organizational structure that leverages employees' strengths for optimum performance. It also covers how to assess what roles the business needs, how to recruit for future success and make the most of non-traditional hires as well as covering employee engagement, motivation, reward, diversity and Learning and Development (L&D). With practical examples, tips and advice throughout , this is crucial reading for anyone needing to build a culture that attracts the very best talent and achieve sustainable business growth.

About the authors

Jamie Jacobs is the co-founder of High Performanceology. For over 20 years she has built high-performing organizations and teams across the technology, financial services and hospitality industries as a HR and culture executive. Based in San Diego, California, she is President of the National Human Resources Association and a Professor at University of Southern California.

Hema Crockett is an award-winning HR professional and the co-founder of High Performanceology. Prior to this she led the Total Rewards programme for LPL Financial and an HR Executive for Renovate America. Based in San Diego, California, she has also worked with Biotechnology companies and the US State Department.

  • As two experienced practitioners, Hema and Jamie have unlocked the mysteries of organizational culture and provided a practical approach for learning and applying the important skills needed to drive an effective and sustainable culture. Their insights and examples are powerful. This book is an important read for all leaders invested in increasing engagement and motivation using values and belonging as tools.
  • Dr. Tony I. Herrera, Author of Candor and Senior Vice President of Executive Education and Development at LPL Financial

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