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Leading International Projects

Diverse Strategies for Project Success

Align project outcomes to the wider strategic goals of your organization with this guide that brings together case studies from leading project professionals.
EAN: 9780749476861
Edition: 1
Format: 235 x 155
288 pages

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About the book

Project managers leading international projects must deliver value and align the project outcomes to the wider strategic goals of the organization. However, they are faced with the challenges of cross cultural communication and behavioural differences, large-scale and technically complex projects involving multiple stakeholders, and slow decision making when speed is of the essence. Leading International Projects helps overcome these challenges by taking a holistic approach, drawing on systemic, behavioural and psychological perspectives to build team trust, communicate to avoid misunderstanding and conflict, and identify and minimize risk of derailment. It provides a practical toolbox for successfully managing international projects.

Leading International Projects provides case studies from experienced project professionals working internationally, each offering deep insights into the challenges of cross-border projects and practical ideas on how to lead successfully. It presents the experiences of consultants and senior project management professionals and their reflections on projects that they ran. Practical guidance on managing the complex dynamics of international projects is provided through individual, team and organizational diagnostic and development tools. Online supporting resources include lecture slides, a further reading list and research papers on culture and international projects and on hard or soft skills.

About the authors

Bob Dignen is a trainer, facilitator and coach, and Director of York Associates where he delivers intercultural skills programmes and international team and leadership communication seminars to clients.

Peter Wollmann is Global Program Manager, Vision 2020 and Head of Strategic Change Management, BU Germany.

  • This is an exemplary case-book on an increasingly crucial and important topic. It provides deep insights into the complexities, opportunities and pitfalls of transnational and intercultural projects. It offers hands-on expertise as well as concept-based reflections on practices and experiences and thus proves to be an excellent learning companion. It can be recommended highly to project managers as well as internationally responsible general managers.
  • Helmut Willke, Zeppellin University Friedrichshafen

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