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Masterminding the Deal

Breakthroughs in M&A Strategy and Analysis

Provides a unique assessment of M&A activity over the coming decade, looking at both the factors that shape successful deals, and reviewing the valuation techniques used to price them.
EAN: 9780749469528
Edition: 1
Format: 20 x 160
352 pages

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About the book

Following a quiet period in global M&A activity, a new boom seems to be underway, but in an age where two-thirds of all merger deals can be said to fail (where deals fall short of the minimum required financial returns to the acquiring company), how can future success be guaranteed? And what can acquirers, and their shareholders and advisers, do to improve the chances of success?

Masterminding the Deal looks at performance in two critical areas - merger segmentation (the identification of critical characteristics and attributes separating more successful mergers from the rest) and category-specific synergy diagnosis (the differentiation of synergy benefits - expenses, revenues, tax - to ensure maximum rewards). Through this in-depth analysis, the book provides the managers and advisers of acquiring firms with concise and actionable frameworks to improve and enhance merger performance. Masterminding the Deal will help you to identify and apply the key components of merger success.

About the authors

Peter Clark is a Lecturer (Senior Teaching Fellow) at University College London, within the Department of Management Science and Innovation, where he teaches finance at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. He is a leading author and commentator in merger and IPO-related finance field and has more than 20 years' experience in mergers and acquisitions, involving more than US$3bn in transaction values.
Roger Mills is Emeritus Professor of Finance and Accounting at Henley Business School, University of Reading, and, most recently, was Professor of Fundamental Analysis and Business Valuation at the VU University in Amsterdam. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators, and the Association of Corporate Treasurers.

  • Most swings are strikes, marriages end in divorce, and exploratory wells are dry holes. And yet batters continue to go to the plate, lovers to the alter, and wildcatters to new basins and fields. Masterminding the Deal gives M&A dealmakers cause for continued bullishness.
  • Justin Pettit, Vice President, IHS

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