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Myths of Strategy

Dispel the Misconceptions and Deliver a Winning Strategy

Challenge strategy-speak, banish management hyperbole and discard the worst myths and misconceptions in business today replacing them with tried-and-tested truths that will make your company more successful.
EAN: 9781398607828
Edition: 1
Format: 198 x 129
288 pages

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About the book

Every business should introduce new technologies to improve their performance? The only way to innovate is to think outside of the box? And obviously, having a Chief Strategy Officer is a guarantee of success. Really?

The reality is that there are no magic recipes for success. If there were, every company would use them, and no single company would be outstanding.

Business strategy is messy, requires hard graft and is difficult to get right. And yet the world of strategy is dominated by management consultants and business gurus making sweeping generalizations, oversimplifying business thinking and peddling their own unfounded ideas. But do these methods actually work?

Myths of Strategy debunks thirty of these most common strategy sagas, cutting through consultant hyperbole and provide you with tried and test business ideas that will make your company more successful.

About the Business Myths series...

The Business Myths series tackles the falsehoods that pervade the business world. From leadership and management to social media, strategy and the workplace, these accessible books overturn out-of-date assumptions, skewer stereotypes and put oft-repeated slogans to the test. Entertaining and rigorously researched, these books will equip you with the insight and no-nonsense wisdom you need to succeed.

About the authors

Jérôme Barthélemy is Executive Vice-President, Dean for Post Experience Programs, Corporate Programs and Relations and Professor of strategy and management at ESSEC Business School, Paris, France. He has been a visiting professor and visiting research scholar at New York University (NYU), Stanford University and Cambridge University.
His book, Unleash your company's competitive spirit, received France's best management book award in 2017.

  • Myths of Strategy will surprise you. Backed by deep research and packed with rich nuggets of insight, this book serves up a potpourri of smart ideas. A clever, practical and fun read!
  • Kathleen Eisenhardt, Professor, Stanford University, co-author of Simple Rules

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The Business Myths series tackles the fads and falsehoods that pervade the business world. These books will equip you with the insight you need to succeed. Free

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