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Professional Services Leadership Handbook

How to Lead a Professional Services Firm in a New Age of Competitive Disruption

Understand the challenges facing professional services firms and learn how to respond and take action to ensure a successful future with this practical guide to leadership.
EAN: 9780749477349
Edition: 1
Format: 233 x 156
272 pages

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About the book

Professional services firms - from the legal sector to accountancy, consulting and beyond - face increased disruption. Service delivery models are under pressure to adapt to changing client expectations. Technology offers new ways of working with clients, but changes the skills profile required of professionals, and threatens the traditional people-centred business model. The Professional Services Leadership Handbook equips leaders, and aspiring leaders, with tools and insights both to tackle these long-term disruptive trends and to maximise their firm's profitability today.

Leaders of professional services firms find themselves with a daunting, but exciting, range of challenges ahead. Using practical insights drawn from experienced professional services leaders, the Professional Services Leadership Handbook explores new models and working practices to address four components of strategic leadership: clients, business, people and self leadership. It offers clear-sighted analysis of common pain points, and provides innovative solutions for dealing with them. This practical guide is designed for everyone involved in leadership decisions, whether that be a practice area, sector group, business function, or even firm-wide leadership role. It will help readers to focus their attention on the activities that will really make a difference to the success of their firm.

About the authors

Nigel Clark is a non-executive director of the Professional Services Marketing Group. He is also the editor and lead author of the Professional Services Marketing Handbook, published by Kogan Page.
Ben Kent is the founder-director of insight-led consultancy Meridian West. Ben advises leading professional and financial services firms and provides strategic research, consultancy and training.
Alastair Beddow is a director at Meridian West, working with firms of all sizes to develop engaging, differentiated and successful client leading strategies.
Adrian Furner is Managing Director of Kommercialize, a practitioner-led advisory firm focused on commercial excellence.

  • This eminently practical handbook guides successful professionals on how to build the additional personal competencies they need to stand out as effective leaders. Through a robust interview process with industry leaders, as well as their many years of collective consulting experiences, the authors present a series of thoughtful frameworks and a synthesis of well-constructed leadership lessons. It all amounts to a really useful companion for those who have committed themselves to making the challenging personal transitions ahead - tomorrow's leaders!
  • David Bowerin, former Head of Strategic Marketing at Citigroup

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