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Survive, Reset, Thrive

Leading Breakthrough Growth Strategy in Volatile Times

Discern a way forward through industry disruption and volatility, and devise a high-growth strategy that will ensure your business thrives and outperforms its competitors.
EAN: 9781398607866
Edition: 1
Format: 234 x 156
240 pages

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About the book

Disruption isn't going away. Rather than see it as an obstacle to overcome, integrate it into your strategy planning, tap into your high-growth potential and outperform your competitors.

Blow the cobwebs off traditional strategy planning with strategy expert Rebecca Homkes as she divulges the one competitive advantage that will deliver lasting business resilience. Strategy is about making choices, you can either choose to fear industry disruption and volatility, or allow Survive, Reset, Thrive to show you how to embrace them and equip you with the tools you need to weave them into everything you and your executive team do when it comes to business planning. With an agile system of stabilization when the going gets tough, to robust situational assessment and planning exercises, learn how your company can discern the way forward and enter hyper growth via land grab, optimization or prioritization strategies.

This method has been used with executive teams at leading global companies and the author gives you exclusive access to these international case studies and examples to support your understanding of the framework. With Survive, Reset, Thrive, you too can ride the waves of market volatility and industry disruption to enter a sustainable high-growth strategy. Don't aim for your business to just survive; set it up to thrive.

About the authors

Rebecca Homkes is a high-growth strategy specialist, Lecturer at the London Business School and Director at the Strategic Management Centre in London. Formerly a Fellow at the White House's President's Council of Economic Advisors in Washington DC, she is an in-demand speaker and has directed the McKinsey & Co and LSE Centre for Economic Performance Global Management Project since 2007. She writes for the Harvard Business Review, Bloomberg Businessweek, Fortune, and Forbes. She is based in Miami, Florida and London, UK.

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