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The Agile Leader

How to Create an Agile Business in the Digital Age

Unleash the power of agile thinking methodologies to lead your team through the chaos of digital transformation and growth.
EAN: 9781398600713
Edition: 2
Format: 233 x 156
240 pages

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About the book

Ever feel like you and your team are stretched across multiple demands or that the goal posts change constantly? Never before have businesses felt so acutely this constant need to adapt, pivot and change tack. This book will teach you how you can not only survive in the context of digital transformation, but also thrive and grow, by adopting a powerful agile leadership model.

This new and revised edition of The Agile Leader lays out clearly in eight steps how agile leaders empower their team to make decision quickly, evaluate correctly where the biggest opportunities are and mould their strategies around market dynamics and ever-changing needs. If there's one leadership skill that successful businesses have in spades, it's the ability to enable teams to adapt and grow within complex eco-systems of clients, partners and suppliers.

By focusing on teamwork and collaboration, as well as promoting shared decision making and ruthless prioritizing, leaders can transform the way they work as well as how their teams function to make them more malleable. Simon Hayward is an agile leadership expert. In this new edition of this successful book, he distills years of leadership and agile research into an actionable 8 step plan, brought to life with examples of agile digital businesses. Learn how to become agile and make digital transformation and delivery part of your business as usual.

About the authors

Dr Simon Hayward is Founder and CEO of Cirrus, a leading provider of leadership development and change programmes for large organizations. He has a wealth of strategic leadership experience gained over 30 years in consulting, with clients that include BT, HSBC, Marks and Spencer, Standard Chartered Bank and Three. Dr Simon Hayward has been featured in the Financial Times, Management Today, Forbes, the Sunday Times, the Guardian, Fast Company, BBC Radio 4 and Sky News. He is an Honorary Professor at Manchester Business School and is based in Manchester, England.
  • You can't have an agile company without agile leadership. Most 'traditional' leaders, however, struggle to make the transition. It is not that they lack the desire. Rather, agile practices upend so many of the hard-won instincts honed by leaders over years of experience. The Agile Leader is a well-researched, thoughtful guide for those wanting to make the leap. Like any good leadership coach, Simon Hayward reminds us we must first look to ourselves, before asking others to follow.
  • Bill Winters, CEO, Standard Chartered Bank

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