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Control the Narrative

The Executive's Guide to Building, Pivoting and Repairing Your Reputation

Let your reputation help your career. From recovering from a blunder to contemplating next steps, this guide helps you leverage your core values for career success.
EAN: 9781398600836
Edition: 1
Format: 234 x 156
256 pages

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About the book

DISTINGUISHED FAVORITE: NYC Big Book Award 2021 - Career

Everyone has a personal brand, by design or default. Your reputation is one of the most critical determinants of your career success.

Control the Narrative makes your reputation work for you by using the power of personal branding to put you in control of the opportunities you attract. For professionals seeking to grow, change or fix their careers, the book shows you how to capitalize on the reputation assets that are relevant to your goals and shed the ones that no longer serve you. If you have made a career mistake and need help repairing your reputation, you'll discover how to assess the situation, break the crisis down into a series of actionable responses and re-establish career viability.

To be effective, a personal brand must be authentic. Through the process of personal branding, Control the Narrative helps you uncover the core values that form the foundation of your strategy for building, pivoting or repairing your reputation. This book also shows you how to measure the success of your brand and provides suggestions for modifying your strategy when results aren't what you expected. Filled with real life examples, Control the Narrative provides you with the strategic advice and tactical assets to consistently and confidently create a positive reputation.

About the authors

Lida Citroën is an executive personal branding and reputation management specialist based in Englewood, Colorado. She is a TEDx and keynote speaker, instructor on LinkedIn Learning and consultant to global business leaders, entrepreneurs and military veterans to enhance their position and reputation in complex strategic markets. She has been featured in several media outlets including The Guardian, Fortune, Huffington Post, Harvard Business Review and MSNBC. She is the author of Success After Service, also published by Kogan Page.
  • I thought I knew enough about personal branding and positioning, but Lida Citroën opened my eyes to how I can elevate myself. Her experience in working with everyone from entrepreneurs, military personnel, athletes and top CEOs gives her great perspective and experience to bring to anyone's personal situation. No matter where you are in your life or what you're doing, Control the Narrative is an outstanding book to help you understand and shape the way the world sees you.
  • Marc Vandermeer, Vice President of Broadcasting, Houston Texans Football Team

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