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Stand Out

How to Build Your Leadership Presence

Develop your leadership presence and project confidence, credibility and charisma to impact and influence others.
EAN: 9781789665819
Edition: 1
Format: 216 x 138
272 pages

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About the book

WINNER: Independent Press Awards 2021 - Business: Motivational
DISTINGUISHED FAVORITE: NYC Big Book Award 2021 - Leadership

Leadership presence doesn't come with a title or promotion - good leaders develop presence over time. Leadership presence is how you show up and contribute to meetings, and whether or not you can project confidence and poise under pressure - do you already have a presence?

Leadership presence is that elusive "we know it when we see it" quality. You may have a leadership title or tremendous leadership potential, but that alone does not give you presence. Being perceived as a leader when interacting with customers, peers or executives is the essence of leadership presence. Your leadership presence is evaluated by others based on how you show up and contribute in meetings, how well you project confidence and keep poise under pressure and whether you can engage others in ways that are authentic, empathetic and motivational. Stand Out walks you through achieving this presence so you get that next promotion and give your career that extra boost.

Stand Out
explains that the goal of leadership presence is to align other people's impression of you with your best authentic self. Body language expert and executive coach Carol Kinsey Goman teaches the five essential skills needed: composure, connection, confidence, credibility and charisma. She also explains how leadership presence is different for women, how nonverbal communication builds or destroys presence and why self-promotion is essential. This book shows aspiring and experienced leaders alike how to more positively influence the impression they make on others.

About the authors

Carol Kinsey Goman, Ph.D. is an international keynote speaker and authority on leadership presence and how body language can help (or hurt) a leader's effectiveness, and is based in Berkeley, California. With clients in over 300 organizations in 27 countries, Dr. Goman helps managers, executives and entrepreneurs build their impact and influence skills. She is a leadership contributor for Forbes and author of LinkedIn Learning's "Body Language for Leaders" (with over 2 million views). She is cited in Industry Week, Investors' Business Daily, CNN's Business Unusual, PBS Marketplace, the Washington Post's On Leadership column, MarketWatch radio and NBC Nightly News.
  • Almost every new undertaking (moving to a different assignment, getting promoted to a higher level of leadership) creates anxiety and self-doubt. The key is to develop leadership presence, so that you can step up and project a level of confidence that will calm the butterflies in your stomach and show the outside world that you are ready and able. Current and aspiring leaders can learn a lot from this book!
  • Robert L. Dilenschneider, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, The Dilenschneider Group

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