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Managing Conflict at Work

Understanding and Resolving Conflict for Productive Working Relationships

Managing Conflict at Work provides guidance on preventing, containing and resolving conflict. It examines conflict in the context of workforce motivation, leadership and corporate responsibility and includes advice on mediation, stakeholder analysis and reflective questioning.
EAN: 9780749459529
Edition: 1
Format: 234 x 156
272 pages

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About the book

Managing Conflict at Work provides practical guidance on how to prevent, contain and resolve conflict in the workplace. It demonstrates how effective conflict management can have a powerful impact on the way organisations channel their energies; encouraging positive mindsets and building stronger and happier workforces.
Putting the cost of rising conflict in context with recessionary times, it looks beyond individual cases to issues such as workforce motivation and corporate responsibility. The authors provide a wide range of practical techniques, tools and templates to support individuals who need to facilitate the resolution of employee disputes. Aimed not just at mediators and conflict practitioners, but at staff managers and anyone who needs to deal with people disputes; the book emphasises simple and practical ways for dealing with conflict situations - both when potential disputes are first emerging, and once a conflict has escalated into a formal complaint.
Also including international case studies, extensive appendix of templates, tools and forms, including stakeholder analysis, mediation in-take forms and reflective questioning prompts, Managing Conflict at Work provides practical support to ensure that your company prevents disputes and stays within the law.
The book is accompanied by an extensive range of ready-to-use templates and case studies and is supported by a dedicated website, providing information and downloads referred to in the book, as well as videos and podcasts.

About the authors

Clive Johnson is a highly experienced negotiator, facilitator and coach. His extensive experience includes in-house mediation and acting as course director of various conflict training programmes. A prolific writer and speaker, Clive is a partner with conflict specialists, The Janus Partnership (www.thejanuspartnership.com) and is co-founder of the International Conflict Management Forum (www.conflictmanagementforum.org).

Jackie Keddy is a highly experienced mediator, coach and conflict consultant. As a former facilitator of some of the London Metropolitan Police Service's most high profile and complex disputes, a grievance appeals investigator and a founding member of the Met's Leadership Academy, Jackie brought her many years' of experience as a police officer and DCI into a new life in managing people. With Clive, Jackie is a partner of The Janus Partnership (www.thejanuspartnership.com) and co-founded the International Conflict Management Forum (www.conflictmanagementforum.org). She regularly writes and features in various magazines and journals, and as a multiple award-winner for her work with the Met, is much in demand as a conference speaker.

  • This easy-to-read book presents effective conflict management as a combination of good communication, emotional intelligence and common sense - underpinned by the application of sound techniques. It's a practical read packed with solid information, diagrams, tables and clear definitions. It also covers training for roles such as informal mediator and skills for giving testimony at employment tribunals. Essential reading for managers.
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