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Adjacent Learning

Using Insights from Outside the Organization to Develop Workplace Performance

Use this practical guide to think differently about learning and gain insights from outside the business to drive employee performance.
EAN: 9781398608238
Edition: 1
Format: 235 x 157
280 pages

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About the book

Use insights from outside the business to rethink workplace learning in order to drive individual and team performance.

Workplaces are not the only setting where employees learn. They are learning constantly in all areas of their lives. The problem is that learning and development (L&D) practitioners don't know how to apply the experiences from outside the traditional business setting to improve employee learning and drive business results. Adjacent Learning is a practical guide which solves this problem.

Topics covered include acting, difference and emotion through to language, observation and storytelling and explains how these can be used to deliver more effective workplace learning. There is also expert guidance on the importance of employees understanding the 'why' and 'how' of learning, as well as why it's essential to consider experiences from other countries and industries to create diversity of thought which generates the best possible results. Reflection points and key takeaways are included in every chapter as well as interviews with leading figures in the L&D industry. This practical guide is also full of advice, tips and examples throughout to help L&D professionals design a robust learning strategy that will allow employees and the business to thrive.

About the authors

David Hayden is the Learning Content Manager at the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) where he's been working since 2012. Prior to this he was a lecturer at University Centre Doncaster and has held various L&D roles in the private sector. He is based in Doncaster, UK.

Steve George is a Digital Learning Manager at the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), Prior to this he was a Learning Solutions Consultant at Lumesse. He is based in London, UK.

  • David and Steve have produced a stimulating and inspiring read about how we can all learn and transform our work through the other things we do for fun and the people we interact with. So many of the stories resonated with me, from my own experience of starting to draw and Sketchnote for myself, and then finding it taking over my life. Read this at your peril, who knows what you might discover!
  • Rachel Burnham, Consultant & Director at Burnham L&D Ltd.; Previous Chair, CIPD Manchester; illustrator, ‘HR for Hybrid Working’

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