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Neuroscience for Learning and Development

How to Apply Neuroscience and Psychology for Improved Learning and Training

Learn how to apply neuroscience efficiently in L&D using this practical, evidence-based guide.
EAN: 9781398608337
Edition: 3
Format: 234 x 155
328 pages

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About the book

Neuroscience for Learning and Development provides L&D professionals the tools and ideas to design and deliver effective initiatives with knowledge of how our brains process information.

Using the latest research and concepts, this book covers areas such as motivation, habits and the link between sleep and learning. It demonstrates how to create effective learning environments and make learning 'stickier' with advancements in AI and digital learning, and through the use of stories. The practical tools and guidance can be applied in different contexts, such as digital learning, in-person training sessions and presentations.

The third edition contains a new chapter on creating an autonomous learning culture. It explains the strategies, tools and techniques L&D professionals can use to encourage and support employees to learn in the flow of work. With insights from L&D practitioners who have applied these approaches in organizations such as The Open University, this edition is an indispensable book for creating and maintaining workplace learning that benefits people and organizations.

About the authors

Stella Collins, MSc, FITOL, is co-founder and Chief Learning Officer at Stellar Labs. Based in Mechelen, Belgium, she and her team pragmatically apply principles from neuroscience and psychology to consult, design and build practical performance focused solutions with measurable ROI. She has trained thousands of learning professionals in brain friendly principles over more than 20 years in L&D.
  • Stella points out that what we don't know about what how the brain works is greater than what we do. In this 3rd edition she continues to shed a warm and welcomed light on the unfolding science. She unpacks the myths and uses the available evidence to provide practical suggestions to address modern day learning challenges. This indeed is a book for those who want to keep curious, keep pragmatic and keep learning!
  • Laura Overton, Award winning learning analyst and Founder of Learning Changemakers

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