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Effective Use of Role Play

The Effective Use of Role-play is an essential guide to role-play, covering everything you need to know. It provides practical tips that are based upon a firm theoretical basis.
EAN: 9780749427993
Edition: 2
Format: 234 x 156
192 pages

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About the book

Helping students or trainers to understand human behaviour is one of the most common problems faced by teachers and trainers. Increasingly tutors are using experiential methods to give individuals practice at dealing with real life problems, and many of these methods involve the use of role-play. If it is used well, role-play can vastly enhance the learning experience, but often the full potential of the role-play is diminished as it is ineffectively, or inappropriately, applied.

Fully updated to reflect the changing (and increasing) use of role-play to reinforce learning both at school and work, The Effective Use of Role-play has now been adapted to incorporate advice on the use of computers in training and educational role-plays. Packed with practical tips yet firmly fixed upon a sound theoretical basis, this seminal work provides an ideal introduction to the topic.

Containing the full range of available role-play methods, The Effective Use of Role-play covers everything you need to know in a single volume. The book offers sound advice on all aspects of role-play, including: the place of role-play in teaching and training; types of role-play and their strengths and weaknesses; how to allocate roles and brief participants; running the role-play sessions; debriefing.

Sharing Morry van Ments' many years of experience, The Effective Use of Role-play is an essential handbook for anyone wanting to gain maximum benefit from the use of role-play.

About the authors

Morry van Ments is past Director of Continuing Education at Loughborough University. He is President of SAGSET and a well-known author in the field of simulation and gaming. He has been instrumental in increasing interest in, and the development of, role-play in education and training. He is now a freelance trainer and consultant.
  • I do not know of a better book [on the topic] which covers virtually all aspects of the subject in one volume.
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