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Collaborative Principles for Better Supply Chain Practice

Value Creation Up, Down and Across Supply Chains

Adopt new supply chain practices and ways of thinking with this thoroughly researched cross-industry manual for collaboration.
EAN: 9780749480493
Edition: 1
Format: 235 x 157
296 pages

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About the book

Hyper competition and globalization mean that markets are changing. There is aggressive competition, shortening product life cycles, financial pressures and ever more demanding customers and consumers. Companies need to adopt new practices and new ways of thinking, so they are looking at collaboration across supply chains to become more sustainable, efficient and economical. Collaborative Principles for Better Supply Chain Practice looks at behavioural and commercial collaborative business principles and their application by means of case studies which showcase collaboration success across the private, public and 3rd sectors.

Collaborative Principles for Better Supply Chain Practice covers different perspectives: the client looking down the supply chain, the suppliers looking up the supply chain and the inter-dependencies of organizations horizontally across the supply chain. The book explores operational and project-type environments in different industry sectors, which will help you think about your supply chain differently and optimize your processes to achieve supply chain excellence. Online supporting resources include a bonus chapter and a roadmap on negotiations.

About the authors

Norman McLennan is a cross-industry leader in the area of supply chain management and business improvement. He is a visiting professor with the Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen. His professional industry experience spans over 30 years split between the oil and gas/energy, engineering and traditional construction sectors working in the UK, Europe and internationally with extensive supply chain management and commercial project management experience. The author is regularly invited to speak at related industry and professional bodies' events and conferences.
  • Provides some powerful insight into the latest supply chain practices. A great guide for supply chain professionals across the energy sector.
  • Professor Paul de Leeuw, Director, Oil and Gas Institute, Robert Gordon University

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