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The Digital-First Customer Experience

Seven Design Strategies from the World’s Leading Brands

Create a digital experience that not only exceeds your customers' expectations but turns them into advocates who won't stop promoting your brand.
EAN: 9781398612631
Edition: 1
Format: 20 x 160
328 pages

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About the book

The definitive guide to designing digital-first experiences customers love.

In his third book on the topic of customer experience, bestselling author and consultant Joe Wheeler tackles the challenges many organizations are facing as they attempt to design compelling experiences in a digital-first world. It features case studies of leading brands including Lemonade, Spotify, CEMEX, VMware, Starbucks, NIKE and Amazon.

Part One introduces the new "3 Cs", key trends associated with technology convergence, competition and culture change in a post-pandemic world. Part Two takes a deep dive into seven design strategies, from designing emotional peaks across channels to empowering customers through immersive experiences that merge physical and digital assets. Part Three provides a playbook for how to design digital-first experiences, including how to solve the right problems, develop a measurable business case, design digital-first experiences customers love and execute the new design at scale.

About the authors

Joe Wheeler is a bestselling author, speaker and consultant. He is the CEO of CX/Digital, a subsidiary of The Service Profit Chain Institute (SPCI), a Boston-based consulting firm. Before launching The Service Profit Chain Institute, he was the Quality and Productivity Executive for Bank of America. Prior to this, he was Executive Vice President with The Forum Corporation, where he managed the firm's Customer Experience Consulting Practice.

He earned his MBA from Edinburgh Business School and lives in Hingham, Massachusetts.

  • Joe Wheeler's latest book hits a lot of my hot buttons: immersive experiences, customization at scale, flywheels of learning and of course digital technology. Get your highlighter out before you open it up and let Joe's principles and case studies lead you in developing your own playbook for thriving in today's Experience Economy.
  • B. Joseph Pine II, co-author of 'The Experience Economy: Competing for Customer Time, Attention, and Money'

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