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4th Edition of Understanding Digital Marketing Tackles Ad Blocking, IoT, Programmatic and More

Understanding Digital Marketing (9780749478438)4th November 2016Understanding Digital Marketing: Marketing Strategies for Engaging the Digital Generation

4th Edition of Understanding Digital Marketing Tackles Ad Blocking, IoT, Programmatic and More

Every day there are more ways to engage, more tools to try out, more facts, figures, infographics, seminars, webinars, events, sites, apps, articles, channels, clips, magazines, experts, whitepapers, PowerPoints, shares, likes, comments, tweets and retweets. The world is only getting noisier and digital marketing is fighting harder than ever to get the attention of consumers. In recognition of this, Damian Ryan's 4th edition of international bestseller Understanding Digital Marketing guides readers through a smarter approach to digital marketing.

Clear, informative and entertaining, this edition covers key topics such as search marketing, social media, Google, mobile marketing, affiliate marketing, email marketing, performance marketing, customer engagement and digital marketing strategies, as well as newer topics including the Internet of Things, ad blocking and the opportunities afforded by programmatic marketing. Damian Ryan draws not only on his own expertise and experience in the subject, he also draws on the experience of other leading lights in the industry, including Brian O’Kelley, co-founder and CEO of AppNexus; Anna-Marie Odubote of Social Chain; Dale Lovell, Chief Digital Officer at Adyoulike; Steven Woodgate, Surface & HoloLens CMO UK Lead at Microsoft, and many more. The book also features contributions from award-winning agencies and networks including MullenLowe, Ogilvy & Mather and Jaywing.

Giving advanced praise for the book, Carol Stuckey, Executive Director, Strategic Growth Initiatives, Harvard University DCE said that “Understanding Digital Marketing accomplishes well the difficult feat of assembling current practical strategies from leading experts in the digital marketing field”. Dr Agnes Nairn, Dean, Hult International Business School, commented that “Comprehensive, contextualized and current. Does a great job of balancing solid overview with specific, insightful case examples. An essential addition to any marketer's bookshelf.”

About the author: Damian Ryan is author of Understanding Digital Marketing, the bestselling academic book which is required reading by more than 100 universities and colleges including Harvard University and the Chartered Institute of Marketing. He is also author of The Best Digital Marketing Campaigns in the World and Understanding Social Media. Damian is founder and chairman of The Global Academy of Digital Marketing, a collaborative movement of digital marketers seeking knowledge, case studies, contacts and credible data to help them prosper. Damian is also a partner with Mediaventura, the UK's leading corporate finance firm for the TIME (Technology, Internet, Media and Entertainment) sector.

About the book: Available globally 28th Nov 2016, RRP: £19.99, ISBN: 9780749478438, www.koganpage.com/understanding-digital-marketing

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