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How to be an effective native advertiser - Native Advertising Press Release

Native Advertising (9780749481162)14th September - Native Advertising, The Essential Guide

 How to be an effective native advertiser

 Native advertising affects us all. If you own a smartphone, use social media or read content online, you will have been exposed to it – often without even realizing. Yet this multi-billion dollar   marketing channel is more than just a new, convenient advertising format. It is in fact the first truly native-to-digital-ad-format in existence, one that has evolved through the influence of mobile   advertising, programmatic advertising, ad-blocking, fake news and artificial intelligence.

 Hugely impacting the digital media space, native advertising has become central to the success of many leading brands and companies. Now, Native Advertising, the new book by one of the   industry’s foremost authorities Dale Lovell, looks at the heart of this new channel from audience, budget and content, to success measurement.

 Going beyond sponsored posts on Facebook, promoted tweets and BuzzFeed branded articles, Native Advertising explores the rise of this new channel and its impact on the digital space. Using a comprehensive selection of case studies from companies such as The New York Times and The Independent, it provides expert insight into the future of digital advertising and why its growth is   inevitable, using real-life examples and interviews from marketing experts around the world. It is the ultimate guide for any marketer looking to make the most of digital innovation.

 Jason Miller, Global Content Marketing Leader, LinkedIn described the book as ‘a comprehensive guide to the most under-celebrated discipline in advertising’, which ‘delivers a virtual PHD in   native advertising for modern marketers.’ Dominic Mills, Columnist for Mediatel and Honorary Professor of Journalism at Roehampton University, also praised the book saying ‘If you   want to understand how digital media are funded you need to know about native advertising. I can't think of anyone better equipped to guide you through this rapidly changing world than Dale   Lovell.’

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About the author: Dale Lovell is Chief Digital Officer at ADYOULIKE and a member of the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) Native and Content Council, UK. His career at the forefront of digital advertising spans editorial, publishing, marketing and advertising technology. In 2015 Dale Lovell was named one of the British Interactive Media Association's Hot 100.

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