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How to create value through internal branding - Branding Inside Out Press Release

Branding Inside Out (9780749478902)

20th September - Branding Inside Out, Internal Branding in Theory and Practice

How to create value through internal branding

Ensuring employees and external stakeholders commit to a brand is crucial for creating value and driving success, but how do you achieve that active involvement? 

Internal branding is the cultural shift that occurs within an organization when it becomes more customer-focused. By getting employees to truly commit to a brand’s ideology internally, companies will find that their brand messages are conveyed externally much more effectively. Branding Inside Out, the new book from renowned branding expert and prolific author Nicholas Ind, offers a detailed and accessible exploration of internal branding, containing both new thinking and new practice on the subject.

Including chapters contributed from an array of senior professionals and academics, Branding Inside Out features original research on the principles that underpin effective internal branding programmes, with new practice sections providing examples of how companies like Patagonia, NN Group and Adidas both attract new employees and build employee engagement.

Taken together, these contributions and case studies form an essential handbook for any marketer wanting to understand and implement successful internal branding and win the active involvement of their people. After all, successful branding puts the customers’ desires at its core, so what better place to start when creating value than with the people at the heart of the brand?

Vincent Stanley, Director of Patagonia Philosophy, United Statesdescribed how ‘Nicholas Ind and his colleagues have it exactly right when they show that great brands are sown and cultivated rather than manufactured. The next step is to make the best possible use of these insights: to let the human impulse to learn, co-operate, and live out our deepest values help create thriving businesses that address rather than worsen the world’s most challenging problems.’

Professor Bernd Schmitt of Columbia University, New Yorkalso praised the book: ‘The writers of Branding Inside Out prove the vital role that employees play in building brands. This insightful book demonstrates that it is employees who create powerful experiences for customers and thus build strong brand value.’

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About the author: Nicholas Ind is an associate professor at Kristiania University College, Oslo, and a partner in Equilibrium Consulting. He is a former director of the Design Business Association (UK), a member of the advisory board of Corporate Reputation Review and of the editorial board of the Journal of Brand Management. He was a founding member of the Medinge Group, an international branding think tank. Nicholas is the author of eleven books including Beyond BrandingLiving the Brand and Brand Together. He also co-edited Brands with a Conscience.

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