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2021 Events

Embracing change to evolve into an agile organization with Campbell Macpherson and Neil Perkin
25th January 2021
Transform your sales approach to make your business stand out with Philip Squire and Simon Kelly 
3rd February 2021

Make HR succeed with analytics and AI with Dave Millner and Ben Eubanks
18th February 2021
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Create a culture that gives employees purpose with Lars Schmidt and Rob Baker
3rd March 2021
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Driving diversity and inclusion within business with Rita Clifton and Sheree Atcheson
8th March 2021
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Lead a purpose-driven business and build a career that makes a difference with Shannon Houde and Theodora Lau
29th March 2021
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Activate your brand's purpose through authentic marketing with John O'Brien and Chip Walker
7th April 2021
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Prepare for continuous disruption and create resilient organizations with Constantinos Markides and Graham Bell 
28th April 2021
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How to successfully reintegrate your team into the office with Gemma Dale and Gary Bolles
17th May 2021
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Make flexible and hybrid work a reality with Jenni Field and Chris Dyer
24th May 2021
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How to lead with purpose, trust and authenticity with Jackie Fast and Minter Dial
17th June 2021
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Exceed customer expectations in today's retail landscape with Miya Knights and Andrew Smith
29th June 2021
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Can companies sustain competitive advantage with Mark Gallagher and Nathalie Nahai
27th September 2021
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Achieve true accessbility in your organization with Susi Miller and Theo Smith
7th October 2021
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Transform your social media presence in the influencer era with Carlos Gil and Gordon Glenister
25th October 2021
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2020 Events

Overcoming the challenges of remote working with Penny Pullan and Perry Timms
30th April 2020
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Adapting with agility to the new world of work with Simon Hayward and Neil Perkin
4th May 2020
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Creating employee experience for the 'new normal' with Ben Whitter
6th May 2020
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How to lead and influence in an uncertain world with Niamh O'Keeffe and Val Wright
13th May 2020
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How to communicate in a crisis with Amanda Coleman and Kate Hartley
14th May 2020
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Produce engaging and relevant content during lockdown with Gay Flashman and Jon Mowat
20th May 2020
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New realities of hiring U.S. military talent with Lida Citroën and Lauren Addy
27th May 2020
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Harness the power of inclusion during and post-pandemic with Stephen Frost and Raafi-Karim Alidina
2nd June 2020
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The future of retail in a post-lockdown world with Martin Newman and Miya Knights
16th June 2020
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Leverage learning and development to stay ahead with Andy Lancaster and Steve Wheeler
17th June 2020
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Using semiotics to better understand consumer behaviour with Rachel Lawes and Helen Oldfield
23rd June 2020
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Solve recruiting challenges faced during record unemployment with Barbara Bruno
25th June 2020
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Managing wellbeing and resilience at work with Cary Cooper and Susan Kahn
29th June 2020
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Innovation in times of crisis with Nick Liddell and Claire Bridges
30th June 2020
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Refocus your employee communications for the new workplace with Sue Dewhurst and Liam FitzPatrick
2nd July 2020
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What does the ‘new normal’ mean for digital marketing? with Simon Kingsnorth and Michelle Carvill
7th July 2020
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Futureproof your career against uncertainty and disruption with Somi Arian
21st July 2020
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Attract and recruit the best talent in the 'new normal' with Katrina Collier 
19th August 2020
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How to future with Scott Smith
1st September 2020
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The L&D Event
9th September 2020
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Creating a more resilient supply chain in a VUCA world with Bram DeSmet
16th September 2020
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Optimize productivity while working flexibly with Gemma Dale and Tim Ringo
29th September 2020
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Navigating the Military to Civilian Career Transition with Lida Citroën, Kevin Preston, Chris Sanchez and Justin Nassiri
7th October 2020
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Can you manage workplace conflict during a crisis? with David Liddle 
27th October 2020
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Create a career you love despite an uncertain job market with Amina Aitsi-Selmi and Carl Reader
4th November 2020
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Leadership for a new age with Chris Lewis and Jo Owen
17th November 2020
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Using customer insights & data for customer-focused marketing with Christine Bailey
1st Dec 2020
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