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Data Ethics

Practical Strategies for Implementing Ethical Information Management and Governance

Learn how organizational data can be governed according to ethical principles with this practical guide.
EAN: 9781398610279
Edition: 2
Format: 234x156
400 pages

About the book

Data-gathering technology is more sophisticated than ever, as are the ethical standards for using this data. This second edition shows how to navigate this complex environment.

Data Ethics
provides a practical framework for the implementation of ethical principles into information management systems. It shows how to assess the types of ethical dilemmas organizations might face as they become more data-driven. This fully updated edition includes guidance on sustainability and environmental management and on how ethical frameworks can be standardized across cultures that have conflicting values. There is also discussion of data colonialism, the challenge of ethical trade-offs with ad-tech and analytics such as Covid-19 tracking systems and case studies on Smart Cities and Demings Principles.

As the pace of developments in data-processing technology continues to increase, it is vital to capitalize on the opportunities this affords while ensuring that ethical standards and ideals are not compromised. Written by internationally regarded experts in the field, Data Ethics is the essential guide for students and practitioners to optimizing ethical data standards in organizations.

About the authors

Katherine O'Keefe is a lead consultant and Director of Training with Castlebridge and Lecturer in Data Protection and Ethics with the Law Society of Ireland's Diploma Centre. Based in Dublin, Ireland, she has served on Scotland's National Expert Group for Digital Ethics and designed and developed international professional accreditation schemes for Information Management.

Daragh O'Brien is the Managing Director of Castlebridge, one of Europe's leading Business Information Strategy and Governance consultancies. He is also on the teaching faculty in University College Dublin School of Law for their Professional Diploma in Data Protection and Governance. Based in Dublin, Ireland, he has held senior roles in CRM Programme management and Regulatory Assurance in a leading telecommunications company.