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Digital Marketing Strategy

An Integrated Approach to Online Marketing

Understand how to develop and implement digital techniques to your marketing strategy with this complete guide to the process of digital marketing.
EAN: 9780749474706
Edition: 1
Format: 233x156
344 pages

About the book

The modern marketer needs to learn how to employ strategic thinking alongside the use of digital media to deliver measurable and accountable business success. Digital Marketing Strategy covers the essential elements of achieving exactly this by guiding you through every step of creating your perfect digital marketing strategy. This book analyzes the essential techniques and platforms of digital marketing including social media, content marketing, SEO, user experience, personalization, display advertising and CRM, as well as the broader aspects of implementation including planning, integration with overall company aims and presenting to decision makers.

Simon Kingsnorth brings digital marketing strategy to life through best practice case studies, illustrations, checklists and summaries, to give you insightful and practical guidance. Rather than presenting a restrictive 'one size fits all' model, this book gives you the tools to tailor-make your own strategy according to your unique business needs and demonstrates how an integrated and holistic approach to marketing leads to greater success. Digital Marketing Strategy is also supported by a wealth of online resources, including budget and strategy templates, lecture slides and a bonus chapter.

About the authors

Simon Kingsnorth

Simon Kingsnorth is a senior digital leader and strategist with a core skillset in digital marketing, digital transformation and user experience. His specialities include paid search, SEO, social media, affiliate and email marketing, as well as website design and development, acquisition, CRM, analytics, targeting and personalization.

More about Simon Kingsnorth

Simon Kingsnorth has produced a book of compelling quality. So many marketers are inclined to run headlong at digital marketing with a limited amount of knowledge. Fingers get burnt and reputations can be lost forever. Here Simon and his contributors have set out some brilliant guidelines for marketers of all levels which will empower them to succeed.

Damian Ryan, author of Understanding Digital Marketing, Understanding Social Media and The Best Digital Marketing Campaigns in the world