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Learning Habits

Drive a Learning Culture to Improve Employee and Business Performance

Understand how to develop learning habits at individual, team and organizational level to build a learning culture that drives individual employee and business performance.
EAN: 9781398609129
Edition: 1
Format: 234x156
256 pages

About the book

A learning culture is essential to outperform the competition but how can Learning and Development (L&D) professionals achieve this? What habits do they need to develop in their workforce?

Learning Habits is written by an author with over 20 years' experience using learning science to improve both business and employee outcomes. It explains to what habits are necessary for an effective learning culture and how to develop them at individual, team and organizational level. This book outlines each habit, explains what it is, why it makes a difference and how to measure it as well as providing a framework that can be used to make these habits become routine to ensure the learning sticks.

Each habit is underpinned by behavioural science research and supported by practical advice, real world examples and case studies from global organizations. Learning Habits also includes checklists to track progress, a 'cue, routine, reward, reflect' model to make learning habits core to how the business operates and templates for measurement. This book is essential reading for all L&D practitioners who know that building a learning culture is crucial for individual and business success but don't know where to start.

About the authors

Sarah Nicholl is a Corporate Learning Strategist with more than 20 years' experience leading learning transformation programmes. She specialises in behavioural science-based materials to scale effective learning in organizations to drive business results. Based in Toronto, Canada, Sarah Nicoll is currently a Senior Customer Success Strategist at Pluralsight where she works with global clients to use learning science to improve internal and external business outcomes. Prior to this she was the Customer Success Director of Corporate Learning at D2L and the Strategic Programme Manager at Skillsoft.