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Managing to Manage

Managing to Manage

The Essential Guide to People Management

Derek Torrington

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An essential guide to the why and how of managing people at work.

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About the book

Today's managers often find themselves thrust into HR-type situations presenting both challenge and opportunity, often struggling to make the right decisions for the business and for the people involved.

Managing to Manage provides the essential understanding to cope with the core demands of people management, grounding the advice in clear examples and familiar situations. Split into two parts, the book explains the role of the manager and then demonstrates how to fulfil that role, taking a practical, hands-on approach. It's packed with unique key concepts, which guide the manager through essential skills, while forming a quick reference guide for the rest of their careers.

Managing to Manage is a comprehensive, practical guide tackling all challenges of managing people at work.

Table Of Contents

    • Chapter - 00: Introduction;
  • Section - ONE: What managing is all about;
    • Chapter - 01: Being a manager: the role, what you do and how you do it;
    • Chapter - 02: Being part of a business: you are not alone;
    • Chapter - 03: How businesses work: strategy, policy, procedures and targets;
    • Chapter - 04: Organization structure: the whole thing, your bit of it and you;
    • Chapter - 05: Organization: the culture you work in;
    • Chapter - 06: Communication: understanding and being understood;
    • Chapter - 07: Selecting team members;
    • Chapter - 08: Discipline and grievance: sorting things out when they go wrong;
    • Chapter - 09: Training: how people learn and how to teach them;
    • Chapter - 10: Performance: getting the right results from the people you work with;
  • Section - TWO: How to…;
    • Chapter - 11: How to analyse your management job;
    • Chapter - 12: How to develop your network;
    • Chapter - 13: How to organize your department;
    • Chapter - 14: How to cope with committees;
    • Chapter - 15: How to make a presentation;
    • Chapter - 16: How to write a report;
    • Chapter - 17: How to conduct a disciplinary interview;
    • Chapter - 18: How to conduct a selection interview;
    • Chapter - 19: How to do performance appraisal


Evocatively conjures up the basics of organisational structure, recruitment and training.
People Management

A handy reference guide that you can keep throughout your career as your business grows.
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Book Details

  • EAN: 9780749466749
  • Edition: 1
  • Published: 3rd April 2013
  • Paperback
  • Format: 216x139
  • 224 pages

About the Author

Derek Torrington is Emeritus Professor of Management at the University of Manchester and the author of over 50 titles in Human Resources and Management, including the bestselling Human Resource Management, now in its 8th edition.

Derek Torrington