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Neuroscience for Learning and Development

How to Apply Neuroscience and Psychology for Improved Learning and Training

Equip yourself with an understanding of neuroscience to deliver greater impact with L&D and training interventions with this evidence-based, practical guide.
EAN: 9780749493264
Edition: 2
Format: 234x156
312 pages

About the book

In order to design and deliver effective Learning and Development (L&D) initiatives, it is essential to understand how our brains work to learn, process and retain information. Neuroscience for Learning and Development introduces the latest research and concepts in the field, equipping learning and development and training professionals with an understanding of some of the inner workings of the mind. Covering areas such as how to create effective learning environments, promoting motivation and how to make learning 'stickier' through using stories and narratives, this book offers practical tools and ideas that can be applied in a variety of contexts, from training sessions and coaching conversations, to lectures and presentations. Featuring insights from L&D practitioners who have applied such approaches in practice, readers will not only find new techniques to implement right away, but also discover the research that backs up what they are already doing well, enabling them to make convincing cases to budget holders.

This updated second edition of Neuroscience for Learning and Development contains new chapters on digital learning and the importance of rest and sleep, as well as updated wider content and new material on mindfulness, learning through your senses, and the neuroscience of habits.

About the authors

Stella Collins

Stella Collins is the creative director of Stellar Learning, which specializes in applying neuroscience and psychology to design practical learning solutions, and the founder of Brain Friendly Learning Group, a development network for learning professionals. With more than 15 years' experience in L&D, she regularly speaks at international conferences, has published a number of books and contributed to training magazines and journals. She has been a regular judge for the Operational Category in the Training Journal awards.

More about Stella Collins

Understanding the neuroscience and psychology of the learner is the key to successful learning and training. This book falls within this approach, whereby one must attempt to take neuroscientific and psychological insights and apply them in order to innovate and break new ground in the area of training and learning.

Dr Itiel Dror, Consultant and Researcher in Cognitive Neuroscience, University College London, Cognitive Consultants International