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How to Achieve Competitive Advantage through Blended Sales and Marketing

Understand the concept of 'Smarketing' - the merging of sales and marketing departments to break down organizational silos - to achieve stronger, more streamlined business growth.
EAN: 9780749483586
Edition: 1
Format: 233x157
248 pages

About the book

Since the earliest days of 'modern' marketing and sales, the departments that ran these key functions have been separate empires. They have different leaders, different budgets, and different organizational structures. However, with the overwhelming impact of continuous disruption, many organizations have been left floundering, unsure of how to get traction in the market. The old rule book has been torn up and thrown away.

Smarketing is the first book that explores the shift that will become the future state operating model for companies seeking to remain competitive and relevant in this fast-changing digital world. It explains how and why companies should blend sales and marketing into one single, streamlined smarketing department. Sales people will become better marketers, and marketers better sales people, leading to bigger, better business growth all round.

With clearly defined implementation strategies that can be applied by any company, regardless of size or sector, Smarketing is an invaluable resource for any marketing or sales professional looking to drive growth and success in the new era of marketing.

About the authors

Adam Gray

Adam Gray has a lifetime of experience working in digital marketing, and has spent over a decade focusing purely on social media marketing. He is one of the founders of Digital Leadership Associates, and was formerly the Head of Client Social MEdia (EMEA) for Oracle.

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Hugo Whicher

Hugo Whicher is the Head of SaaS (Software as a Service) at Oracle, where he provides social selling and account based marketing across a 'virtually' merged sales and marketing team.

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Tim Hughes

Tim Hughes is a social selling innovator and pioneer and has been mentioned by Forbes as one of the Top 100 Social Sellers globally. Tim was involved in rolling out one of the most advanced social selling programs across 2,000 salespeople in Western Europe. He has advised and helped many organisations achieve their social selling and influencer marketing objectives.

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That old, moss-covered wall between sales and marketing in the brick-and-mortar world has been showing its age for a long time now. Some of us shout about it, but Hughes, Whicher and Gray take action and provide some answers.

Ted Rubin, CMO and Advisory Board Member at Photofy, MC and Host at Brand Innovators Summits, and Co-Founder of Prevailing Path