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Talent Intelligence

Use Business and People Data to Drive Organizational Performance

Use this practical guide to understand what talent intelligence is and how to use it to make evidence-based organizational decisions and add business value.
EAN: 9781398607231
Edition: 1
Format: 234x156
272 pages

About the book

Leverage the power of Talent Intelligence (TI) to make evidence-informed decisions that drive business performance by using data about people, skills, jobs, business functions and geographies.

Improved access to people and business data has created huge opportunities for the HR function. However, simply having access to this data is not enough. HR professionals need to know how to analyse the data, know what questions to ask of it and where and how the insights from the data can add the most value. Talent Intelligence is a practical guide that explains everything HR professionals need to know to achieve this. It outlines what Talent Intelligence (TI) is why it's important, how to use it to improve business results and includes guidance on how HR professionals can build the business case for it.

This book also explains how and why talent intelligence is different from workforce planning, sourcing research and standard predictive HR analytics and shows how to assess where in the organization talent intelligence can have the biggest impact and how to demonstrate the results to all stakeholders. Most importantly, this book covers KPIs and metrics for success, short-term and long-term TI goals, an outline of what success looks like and the skills needed for effective Talent Intelligence. It also features case studies from organizations including Philips, Barclays and Kimberly-Clark.

About the authors

Toby Culshaw is the Talent Intelligence Leader: Worldwide Operations and Consumer, at Amazon. Prior to this, he was Global Head of Talent Intelligence and Executive Recruitment Research at Philips. Based in Brighton, UK, he is also the founder of Talent Intelligence Collective and a Talent Intelligence Mentor at Udder.