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The Energized Workplace

Designing Organizations where People Flourish

Redesign your organizational structure and processes to boost employee productivity and wellbeing, reduce stress and staff burnout and improve company performance.
EAN: 9780749498665
Edition: 1
Format: 240x173
232 pages

About the book

SHORTLISTED: Business Book Awards 2021 - HR & Management Category

Productivity is flatlining, employee wellbeing is at an all-time low and stress at an all-time high. Mental health issues are now the biggest single disability affecting the UK and are estimated to cost the economy £105bn each year. Traditional company design, structures and processes are making these issues worse and leading to unprecedented levels of staff burnout. This not only impacts individual employees, there is also a detrimental effect on overall company performance when employees can't perform to their full potential. It is the responsibility of Organizational Development and HR professionals to address these issues urgently and redesign work to allow people to flourish and businesses to thrive. Full of practical advice, tips and tools, The Energized Workplace provides a blueprint for how practitioners can redesign their organizations to support employees and ensure the business outperforms the competition.

It covers everything from why existing structures are causing business output to decline, why traditional processes are holding organizations back and what the consequences of not addressing these design issues will mean for business including increased staff turnover, a rise in employee absence and a decline in company profits. Including case studies from organizations across a range of sectors who have successfully put people at the heart of their workplace design such as CyberClick, Mind Valley, Brewdog and Wegmans and with specific guidance on designing for five generations working side by side, across different countries and on separate time zones, The Energized Workplace will help OD and HR professionals confidently tackle the organizational issues putting their company success and employee health and happiness in jeopardy. This book is essential reading for practitioners needing to deal with the wellbeing crisis and productivity puzzle in the new world of work.

About the authors

Perry Timms is a coach, consultant, international conference speaker and the founder of People and Transformational HR Ltd. He is also the social media and HR adviser to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD). Named by HR Magazine as the second most influential HR thinker of 2021, he is a visiting fellow at Sheffield Hallam University Business School, a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (RSA) and the world's first WorldBlu-certified Freedom at Work coach. Perry Timms is also the author of Transformational HR, published by Kogan Page.

Perry inspired me again! The Energized Workplace challenges the new world of work by proposing non-traditional HR/OD solutions and unconventional models along with practical case studies. Perry's concepts will definitely support the wellbeing of employees as well as help leaders and colleagues gain a better understanding of how to harness employees' energies in the workplace.

Marguerite A. Ulrich, Inspire HR Consulting. Founder & Chief Inspiration Officer