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What Philosophy Can Teach You About Being a Better Leader

Learn how to build and expertly lead a fulfilled and purposeful human-centred organization using the thinking of four of the greatest philosophers.
EAN: 9780749493165
Edition: 1
Format: 235x158
232 pages

About the book

Traditional management practices, rooted in economics and psychology, have led to a focus on numbers and productivity rather than the people who make those numbers happen. This has resulted in trust in leaders and organizations being at an all-time low. What Philosophy Can Teach You About Being a Better Leader expertly counters this thinking and argues that those leaders who will win in the uncertain and complex world of work, are the ones focusing on their workforce and valuing its members as people, rather than just tools within the process.

What Philosophy Can Teach You About Being a Better Leader considers the main questions plaguing today's leaders through the eyes of four of the greatest philosophers. With the help of Aristotle, Socrates, Kant and Nietzsche, as well as a whole host of other brilliant minds, they smash widely held workplace falsehoods and unveil a new model for empowerment, fulfilment and harmony at work.

What Philosophy Can Teach You About Being a Better Leader is a fascinating account of how we can reconnect company, people and shareholder interests. It answers perennial leadership concerns like questions of people engagement, key performance indicators or even generational differences at work through the lens of philosophy, with its focus squarely on how to live and help others live fulfilling lives at work.

About the authors

Alison Reynolds

Alison Reynolds is a business leader and consultant in strategy execution. She is part of the Faculty in Executive Education at Ashridge Business School.

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Jules Goddard

Jules Goddard is a Fellow of the Centre for Management Development at London Business School, where he has taught competitive strategy and creative marketing for 30 years.

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Dominic Houlder

Dominic Houlder is an Adjunct Professor in Strategic and Entrepreneurial Management at London Business School. He is internationally recognised as a leading business strategist.

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David Lewis

David Lewis is Programme Director for Executive Education at London Business School and a renowned strategy and leadership expert.

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