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Business Continuity Management System

A Complete Guide to Implementing ISO 22301

Implement a business continuity management system in line with ISO with this complete guide to establishing a fit-for-purpose business continuity capability in your organisation.
EAN: 9780749469115
Edition: 1
Format: 234 x 156
296 pages

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About the book

A business continuity management system (BCMS) is a management framework that prepares the organization by developing business continuity strategies to meet its business and statutory obligations during an incident. It is about optimizing service availability and preserving business performance to secure future growth in the market.
Business Continuity Management System offers a complete guide to establishing a fit-for-purpose business continuity capability in your organization. Structured in line with the principles of ISO22301 (the International Standard for business continuity management) and with current best practice, this user-friendly book covers the whole life cycle of developing, establishing, operating and evaluating a BCMS initiative. It is aimed at new and seasoned business continuity practitioners involved in business continuity activities in their organizations, whatever the size and sector. It includes proven techniques and easy-to-use methodologies that specifically support the implementation of those requirements specified in ISO 22301. Pragmatic approaches supported by in-depth explanations guide you to assess and improve your organization's BCMS performance. This is the first book to offer an end-to-end solution that addresses all aspects of implementing an effective BCMS.
Business Continuity Management System is intended to act as a catalyst to accelerate progress on the journey from business continuity management and risk management to the creation and implementation of a business continuity management system, both by enhancing the BCM and risk competence of individual readers and by contributing to shared knowledge in implementing ISO 22301 in organizations.

About the authors

Wei Ning Zechariah Wong PhD MBCI CBCP is a principal consultant at Atkins providing business continuity management solutions to organizations across a range of sectors. He is one of the leading experts at the British Standards Institution (BSI), where he contributed to the development of the world's first business continuity standard BS 25999. He has written for several journals in the area including Continuity Journal and Disaster Recovery Journal.

Dr. Jianping Shi is a highly experienced business and investment consultant with over 20 years' experience. She has worked in various sectors including financial services and management consultancies and she has a strong background in corporate strategic planning, asset management, risk management and business continuity management. She is Chief Executive of Instramax, which is an international provider of business continuity services.

  • This Business Continuity Management System guide provides clear and easy to navigate guidance on how to implement the ISO 22301 management system requirements.

    Its chapter overviews, check lists, tables and figures are all put to great use in making this complex and vital subject easy to digest. As you delve into subjects such as 'Business Impact Analysis' information like the strengths and weaknesses analysis of 'information collection methods' really do help to make sure you get the detail right, you feel as if you gain the benefit of expert experience very quickly.

    This book works on a number of levels which all good system guides need to, I can delve in and out effortlessly, get in-depth guidance on areas I'm unsure of, find all the practical advice quickly or completely engross myself for a fuller understanding. When Business Continuity Management Systems are something you do alongside a role like Quality a guide like this is really invaluable.

    I felt guidance around documentation could have benefited from worked examples having seen how easy it is for documented plans to become unusable in real world scenarios. The section on Performance Evaluation however more than makes up for this probably being the best 27 pages on the subject you will ever read.

    I've previously developed business continuity plans working directly from the standard, as these plans are updated and new ones developed I can imagine this book right by my side along with my copy of ISO 22301 providing assurance and confidence that I'm approaching this incredibly important subject with all the care it deserves.

    If you are in charge of your organizations business continuity efforts or simply thinking about making your business more secure I would recommend this book as a valuable resource.

  • Darren O’Neill, Quality Advisor at CGG

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