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How to become a leader that others look up to – insights from the experts | Adrian Furner

11th December 2017 | Adrian Furner, Ben Kent, Nigel Clark, Alastair Beddow

In this video, Adrian Furner, co-author of Professional Services Leadership Handbook, discusses what was discovered when the authors interviewed leaders from all levels within professional service firms about the personal challenges they have experienced.

They have discovered 3 main areas of self-leadership development:

- Forward reflection: how to assess your leadership potential.

- Capability: how to develop the skills, competencies and experiences to be successful as a leader.

- Balance: how to success as a leader without burning out.

Professional Services Leadership Handbook by Nigel Clark, Ben Kent, Alastair Beddow & Adrian Furner will help you understand the challenges facing professional services firms, and teach how to respond and take action to ensure a successful future with this practical guide to leadership.

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Business, Finance, Risk, Information Management

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